Send Me Your Video?

Hey – real quick…

It’s hard sometimes training by yourself, isn’t it?

You’re not 100% sure whether your technique is
what it’s supposed to be.

Sure, you’re doing what you think you should be
doing, but how do you know whether you’re really
doing what you’re supposed to?

Simple solution:

Video yourself. 

Pull out your ol’ smart phone and video yourself
doing swings, get ups, cleans, whatever.

Now comes the fun part –

Watching yourself.

How do you fix what you’re doing wrong – the
mistakes you’re making?

You could start with new cues – assuming you knew
the cues to give yourself.

How do you fix that bent elbow on your Get Up?

Sure, you’ve tried a couple of cues, but it doesn’t
seem to be working…

Maybe it’s not the cue after all…

Maybe it’s something structural.

Maybe it’s tight hips and a core that doesn’t work
properly and you don’t understand the sling system
that “ties” or “connects” your shoulder to your hips…

And if you do understand that in theory, do you
know which exercises you need to do to get that
sling system working properly again?

Or how about that whole “chicken neck” thing on
the backswing of your Swing?

You know – that little thing you do with your head
when the kettlebell is back underneath your body –

Where you poke your chin out and it looks like
someone just grabbed a chicken around its throat?

How do you fix that?

Or how about leaning back at the top of your Swing?

You’ve tried squeezing your gluts harder, but that
just makes you lean back more.

And you’ve tried the whole “tighten your abs” thing
at the top, but that just makes it hard for you to
squeeze your gluts at the same time…

How do you fix that?

That’s why you send me your video.

Or videos.

We’ll trouble-shoot any issues you may be having
with the exercises in your programs as part of your
membership in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider

However, you have to enroll tonight before Midnight

Secure your membership here.

You might be thinking this whole “video thing” is
all BS.

What difference can a couple of videos really

Here’s what one of the KSIC members said inside
our coaching forum:

(Pay close attention to #2,3, and 5 especially.)

So get in the KSIC and let’s finally get your exercise
technique squared away.

You’ll be surprised what a little video coaching
combined with the 4-Stage Cycle for Perpetual
Progress with do for you.

In a nutshell – you’ll finally see the results you’ve
been looking for.

Enroll now before Midnight MDT tonight.

Talk soon.


P.S. Just in case you missed it –

Enrollment for the Kettlebell Secrets Insider
 program ends tonight at Midnight

If you’ve been struggling with making progress
it’s most likely 2 things:

  1. Your programming
  2. Your technique

We’ll take care of both when you become a
member of the Insider Coaching program.

Activate your membership here.

P.P.S. One more thing – please DON’T send
me any technique videos if you’re not a member
of the KSIC. I won’t watch them.

This service is reserved for KSIC members and
private online coaching clients.

If you want to become an “Insider,” enroll here
before Midnight tonight.

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