Set Yourself Free

I’m in beautiful Northern California right now at my in-laws

My wife and the kids are staying out here for the month while
I travel – Australia tomorrow, Europe later in the month.

Anyway, I was walking back from Peet’s [Coffee] the other
day when I saw the most curious site -

It was a beautiful day out – not a cloud in the sky and there
on the right was a house with the garage door open.

It was a double garage and on the left hand side – almost
the full width of a car were boxes and filing cabinets. On the
right hand side was a woman, clad in spandex, jogging (or is 
that “yogging?”) on a treadmill, facing outside.

Imagine… beautiful day… Perfect for running outside if you’re
into running – and you’re inside, in a dark garage with a low
ceiling running on a treadmill… Going… Nowhere.

Thank God I’m free from all that.

Now granted, she was doing SOMETHING… which in most
cases is better than nothing.

But think about how much more effective her workout 
would’ve been if she had a kettlebell or two in her back yard?

That’s the thing about kettlebells, which I may or may not 
have to tell you – they set you free from modern exercise
limitations and constrictions.

Forget jogging on a treadmill for an hour.

Take your KB into your back yard and do 100 swings in
as little time as possible.

Forget going to the gym and doing the ol’ bodybuilding 3 or
4 day split take a pair of KBs and do Clean + Presses for 
20 minutes.

Forget even the old constructs of “cardio” days and “strength”

Get both at the same time by lifting heavy, using lower reps,
and reducing your rest periods between sets.

To maximize your time, use a pair of kettlebells. 

Learn how to do all the major kettlebell exercises using a 
pair of KBs -

- Swings
- Front Squats
- Cleans
- Presses
- Snatches
- Push Presses
- High Pulls
- Jerks


Faster results. Less time.

A pair of KBs provide an overload to the body you just can’t
get with one KB. 

Here’s the best part:

When you’re first learning your double KB technique, you 
can make great progress in strength and conditioning by 
just practicing.



Get the “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs and book set, watch 
each segment of the DVD, and simply practice the lifts.

Spend maybe 20 minutes working on each technique.

Not all the techniques in each workout.

One per workout.

Just work on 3 of them to start – 

Front Squat, Clean, Press.

Sets of 2 to 5 reps, depending on the size of your KBs 
and how much fatigue you accumulate – again – for just
20 minutes or so.

You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish in
“just” 20 minutes.

That’s the beauty of KB training – it breaks the tradition of
“modern” fitness programming – again, think, “more with

Then, when you’re ready, when you feel comfortable, 
take on the STRONG! program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s 18 to 36 weeks of workouts (depending on which course
you use – The Short Course or The Slow and Steady, and
how many times per week you train – 2 or 3) of the double
KB Clean + Press.

It starts off “easy” and builds to hard – where you end up 
using your old 4-5 rep max and doing a total of 60 reps
per workout.

The best part is, unlike “yogging” on a treadmill in a dark
garage on a beautiful day, you’ll work all the muscles in
your body at one time, including your upper body.

You’ll build strong hips and legs, a lower back of steel,
and an upper body that is wiry strong – muscular and 
dense, but not that bloated, puffy, bodybuilder look.

And you literally can do it twice per week in as little as
20 minutes a day.

Much less time even than many traditional KB workouts.

Set yourself free from the shackles of tradition and get 
your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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