Shorter KB Workouts = Get Leaner, Faster (Scientific Proof)

Did you ever wonder why most KB workouts or
KB classes are close to or even a full hour long?

I’ll tell you:

It’s tradition.

And it’s based on what you find in traditional health
clubs and fitness centers.

You have 60 minute classes.

Cause everyone knows that workouts are an hour

And to get a good workout you have to workout for
an hour.



Flat out wrong.

Here’s the deal:

Much of our “modern” exercise programming is
based off the faulty interpretation (and in some
cases – gross exploitation) of scientific research.

So let’s look at what some of the modern science
says about shorter v. longer workouts and fat loss.

CASE 1: Longer is better for fat loss? Uhhh… No.

This concept is based off 1970s and 80s exercise
science research done on aerobic exercise and
endurance activity.

Researchers were interested in maximizing aerobic
endurance –

In other words, going longer, faster.

In order to do this, they learned the best ways for
making the body most efficient in using its energy

Fat is an energy store.

And when you’re “more efficient” at burning fat, that
means you burn less of it.

Read that again in case you missed it.

When you’re more efficient, in terms of using fat as
an energy source, that means you burn less of it
over the course of time.

Longer, medium-paced, lower intensity workouts
train you to store fat.

Not what you want to do, is it?

Not why you signed up for this whole kettlebell thing.

Furthermore, Danish researchers concluded that
longer workouts – 60 minutes – when compared
to shorter workouts – 30 minutes in length –

Are significantly less effective for burning fat.

Here’s what the researchers found:

Over the course of 3 months, the 60 minute
group lost 2.7kg.

The 30 minute group lost 3.6kg.

Let’s take a closer look at those numbers…

The 30-minute group exercised 50% LESS than
the 60-minute group.

Or HALF as much.

Good with that so far.

Now here’s the kicker:

They lost 33% MORE fat than the group who
worked out longer.

Here’s the math:

3.6kg – 2.7kg = 0.9kg

Take home point:

You are more likely to lose more fat doing shorter,
30-minute workouts than longer 60-minute workouts.

CASE 2: Two-Thirds the work, same number of
calories burned.

In a study done by Heden et al, and published in
the European Journal of Applied Physiology, subjects
were put on a full-body (10 exercise) protocol.

One group did 3 sets, the other 1 set.

The results?

The researchers measured post-exercise energy
expenditure 24, 48, and 72 hours post-workout.
(Know as the “Afterburn” Effect.)

Both groups showed an elevated metabolism of
around 100 calories per day.

That means that one group only did ONE-THIRD
of the work of the other – and still burned the same
number of calories post workout.

Take home point:

Again, shorter, more time-efficient workouts
are just as good for burning fat – if not better
(less work, same result) – than longer workouts.

What’s all this mean for you?

Simple –

If you’re fat-burning progress has stalled, check
your workout length.

You can get phenomenal results between 15 and
30 minutes per workout – only 3 times per week.

Think about that –

That’s a total workout time of between 60 and 90
minutes a week.

Now that’s assuming you’ve structured your KB
workout correctly and progressively, so you can
continue to challenge your body to do more work
and burn more calories –

Both during your workout and after it.

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