SHORTER KB Workouts +YOU = 50% FASTER Fat Loss??

Just looking at that subject line makes me go

“Pffffftttt… yeah, right…”

Check this out though –

Danish researchers discovered that longer workouts in
general – 60 minutes – versus shorter workouts – 30
minutes – failed to produce the desired out –

Noticeable fat loss.

In fact, the 30 minute exercises lost almost 50% more
fat over the course of the study – 7 pounds –

Then the 60 minute exercisers – who only lost 5 pounds.

Let’s do the math:

Work out 50% LESS and lose 50% MORE.

How about you?

How long are your KB workouts?

I’m pretty certain that if you’re not seeing the results you
expect from them, you need to be doing shorter workouts.

No need to try to figure out how to build shorter programs
that work for stripping off fat like a blowtorch through butter
or –

Getting “strong – like bull” in less time…

I’ve put together 100 –

That’s right – 100 different kettlebell programs for you.

Check them out right here.

That is unless of course you like doing more work for
less results.

Talk soon.


P.S. I should point out that these are actual full-scale
PROGRAMS NOT workouts.

The difference?

A workout is something that is done one day and has no
inherent context – it’s not part of a bigger picture.

Doing “workouts” is like throwing darts blindfolded.

You may or may not hit the wall, let alone the dartboard.

Programs, however, are like driving to your destination
following a map – it’s a proven route to get you where you
want to go.

Get 100 programs GUARANTEED to get you to your
destination – whether leaner or stronger or both – HERE.

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