Simple 3 Step Formula To KB Body Of Your Dreams…

Was on the ol’ FaceBook this morning with a customer.

The conversation went something like this:

“There’s gotta be a way to fix my back and strengthen
my core….”

“And I want to get strong….”

“And improve my endurance…”

“And fat loss.”

In other words,

“I want it all. Now.”

Ha Ha!

Who doesn’t?

Most people are confused on how to do this and I don’t
blame them with all the hype-y misinformation out in the
market place.

So, here’s a really simple 3-step formula that will set you

1. Fix your weaknesses.

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a weak “core,”
then that will hold back the rest of your lifts and your overall
body strength, and therefore, your appearance.

Same thing with a wonky shoulder, a bum leg, or a gimpy

You get the picture.

What do I use?

Original Strength.



2. Train for strength first, no matter what.

You have to be able to walk before you can run. And run a
mile before two. It’s pretty logical and self-explanatory. But
I’m amazed on how many people just don’t know this.

The stronger you are, the more work you can do.

And depending on how much work you can do you can either

a. A lot stronger

b. Stronger and more muscular

c. Stronger, more muscular, and leaner

d. Stronger, with more endurance

… All depending how you structure your program, including
rest periods.

It all depends on the next point…

3. Get your nutrition in order.

I don’t know why this still surprises me, but for some reason
we (the collective, global “we”) have an amazing ability to
deceive ourselves into thinking that if we just work out enough,
that it doesn’t matter what we eat –

That we will be magically fit, strong, and lean – 6 pack abs and
all that.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

Food affects your hormones. (It’s just like medication.)

And your hormones determine whether your body runs correctly
on the inside AND how it looks on the outside.

Do something simple like Intermittent Fasting or the
Warrior Diet…

… Something that fits with your schedule.

It’s honestly not that hard.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated either.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, either. Use only tried and true
methods and programs to get you to your goals.

Talk soon.


P.S. “Kettlebell STRONG!” will get you strong if you don’t
change your diet.

It will get you lean if you eat slightly less.

And will pack on slabs beef onto your coat-hangar shoulders
if you eat your face off after your workouts.

More info at:

(Oh yeah, and you can even strengthen your core and
fix your weak links by learning how to properly performing
your kettlebell lifts.)

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