Simple Is Better.

You know one of the things I like about kettlebells?

They’re simple to use.

Programming them for progress is pretty simple.

Don’t you think mobility, flexibility, and all that movement
prep stuff should be simple too?

The truth is, it is. VERY Simple.

The UGLY truth is:

– You don’t need disgustingly expensive multi-level
certification courses that when added up, could by
you a nice new car

– You don’t need to be “precise” in your mobility

– You don’t need endless special “tests” because
what you’re currently doing won’t “fix” your issues

– Your body is sensitive, yes, but NOT as fragile as
many gurus and acolytes make it out to be

– There are a series of easy to use “resets” that make
fast, immediate changes in your strength and mobility.

– These resets can be learned in a matter of minutes
and arm you with the tools you need to improve any
performance you care to engage in

I’ve been telling you about “Becoming Bulletproof” –
a book and simple system discovered by my good
buddy Tim Anderson.

You should’ve gotten the book and read it by now.

If you did, you’ve hopefully started doing the resets
in there and seen some pretty cool results.

And if you did, you probably have more questions, like
some of the ones I’ve received in my email –

– How’s this REALLY work?

– This particular reset feels kinda awkward, how do I modify

– Can these resets help fix [insert injury here]?

Here are the answers. 

Talk soon.


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