Simple Secret For Getting Stronger Without Increasing KB Sizes Or…

… doing more reps…

… or decreasing your rest.

What is this oh-so “magical” secret?

Before I tell you, let me tell you this: You’ll want to use it
on the following exercises: Squats, Presses, Push Presses,
and Jerks.

(If you do things like Renegade Rows or other rows you can
use it. It also works spectacularly on bodyweight exercises
like Chins and Parallel Dips.)

It’s the “pause.”

Or in scientific parlance, the “isometric hold.”

Oh, I know, you may have heard about it, but have you seriously
used it, or only entertained it in your mind?

I’m betting the latter.


Because pauses are HARD.


Because they make you create more tension and require more
mental focus and that’s something many people just won’t do.

They will however do “more swings” because, well, that’s just

So how do you use the pauses?


Here’s one of my favorite ways of doing them:

(And this will make you horrendously strong, btw.)

Use the Double Front Squat.

Rack your KBs and descend into the squat.

Now pause there.

For at least 2 seconds.

Not “one-two!” and up.

Rather, the good ol’ fashioned “thousand-one, thousand-two”
and then stand up.

Key point here:

You have to stay tight.

Keep your breath in and breathe behind the shield.

For even more “fun,” combine the pause at the bottom of your
squat with a pause at the top while in the rack.

This will increase the demand on those “dear abbies.”

You’ll also find your heart rate strangely accelerating as your
body fights to expand your diaphragm and ribcage to take full
breaths of air.

Suddenly, and without warning, your strength work looks like
it’s about to turn into MetCon. (Except I just warned you.)

Consider this:

Let’s say your average set of 5 Double Front Squats takes
15 to 20 seconds.

Add in 2 second pauses at the bottom in the hole and a 2
second pause at the top between reps, and suddenly you’re
looking at somewhere between 60 and 80 seconds of work
per set.

Keep your rest periods short, like 2 minutes for a pair of medium
to heavy KBs, and not only will you get stronger, but you’ll end
up getting leaner too.

From squatting.


Of course, don’t add in these pauses until you have your Front
Squat form dialed in.

You need to know exactly how to “breathe behind the shield,”
which is dependent on the rest of your body positioning,
especially your shoulders, knees, and hips.

Get those wrong, and you’ll have a very hard time staying
pressurized in the middle.

Learn the proper mechanics of the Double KB Front Squat (and
every other double KB lift) inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Follow along with me step-by-step on the DVDs with your pair
of KBs right there with you.

It’s almost like a seminar, but without the live and personal

Still, you can (and should) watch the DVDs repeatedly so you
can get all the nuances because none of us ever gets it all down
on the first pass.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you’re serious about getting strong with a pair of KBs,
you need to get the Front Squat down pat. All your other
double KB lifts are based on it.

It’s your foundation.

Weak foundation… Well, you know the rest.

Build your foundation here.

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