Single Or Double KB For Max Fat Loss? (Whaddya Think?)

Which is better when you want to lose as much fat as possible
without having to become a monk to do it?

Single KB workouts?

Or Double KB workouts?

What do you think?
Here’s the answer:

It depends.

Yeah, seems like a weasely way out.

However, it’s really not.

It depends on YOU.

How so?

Many different ways. Here’s three:

1. Depends on your KB skills (or “skillz”).

Have you spent time doing single KB lifts?

Feel like you’ve mastered them?

Can easily do 100 swings with a 24kg as a man or a 16kg
as a woman?

Can do all 6 of the basic single KB lifts – swing, clean,
get up, clean, press, snatch – confidently?

Then you’ll highly benefit from a double KB fat loss

If not, then you should focus on a single KB fat loss

2. Depends on your training history.

How much time have you spent doing singles?

If you’re new to KB use – like within the last year or so,
then you haven’t worn out your single KB exercises.

Stick with the basic 6 KB exercises and maybe 1 or 2 other
traditional exercises that help those main 6.

If you’re a “pro” – been doing KBs for a long time – at
least 2 or 3 years, then you’ll probably find that a
double KB fat loss program will deliver faster results.


Bigger stimulus on your body – they just make your body
work harder.

3. Your current state or condition.

I LOVE double KB work.

It reminds me of the Olympic lifts.

So I think the double KB lifts are some of the most beneficial
exercises you can do. Period. Hands down.

Unless they’re not.

When’s that?

When you have some strength imbalances from one side to
the other.

Or when you have some movement dysfunctions and

Then you need to use the single KB lifts to help restore
your body’s natural movement abilities to make sure you
maintain your durability.

And yeah, you can still lose some fat – a lot of it actually –
when you focus on restoring balance and reclaiming durability.

How so?

The single KBs “force” your body to stabilize contralaterally
(diagonally across the body) which is very metabolically
demanding, especially when you haven’t done it in awhile.

What that means is your midsection will work harder – many
times MUCH harder.

And that means you’ll breathe harder and sweat more.

Which of course means you’ll burn more calories.

Which means you’ll burn more fat.

This whole thing makes sense, doesn’t it?

So there is no one program for all people all the time

Our mileage often dictates what we must or at least, should,
if we’re being rational and honest with ourselves.

If you need to hack off some of that unwanted body fat –

That smooshy stuff in the middle, or that roll hanging over
your belt, and fall into the “I should do a single KB fat
loss program” –

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