Something AMAZING Happened…

I want to share something personal with you today, if you
don’t mind.

It is somewhat embarrassing and not something I’m proud

In fact, writing about it is still somewhat painful.

But I’m sharing it with you because I think it might help
you out.

About 5 years ago I had a really, really, really tough year.

My marriage was on the rocks and I could’ve pulled the
ejection handle.

And by most people’s standards, I should have.

But I didn’t.

It was a hard, hard year. I think I lost about 15 pounds of
muscle and my hair turned gray.

And honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t get an ulcer.

The stress was literally killing me, slowly, day-by-day.

The circumstances were really, really bad.

It was like living in a pressure cooker.

I couldn’t focus.

I couldn’t sleep.

And my business was floundering.

Why am I telling you about all this?

Because yesterday I encouraged you that one of the keys
to achieving your goals – the “C” part of the F.O.C.U.S.
acronym of awesomeness was “Choose To Move Forward
Despite Your Circumstances.”

And that doing so would do something pretty amazing
and unexpected…

There were 2 things that were a constant during that
tumultuous year – my prayer life and my workouts.

Yeah, my workouts were nothing special to write home
about, but they were consistent. I consistently got something

I’m no one special – and I’m no different from you. The
only thing that “may” set me apart from the crowd is that
I’m extremely stubborn and bull-headed – to a fault.

Which brings me to the “U” in F.O.C.U.S –

U = Unlock Your [Hidden] Opportunities

I don’t know how to explain this really other than by
telling you that when you can ignore your circumstances
and keep on keeping on, “things” happen.

Unexpected things.

Good things.

Things that will further your goals  –

New opportunities.

For example – after I made it through that Year From Hell,
some amazing things happened.

– I started this newsletter
– I wrote my first book, “Kettlebell Muscle”
– I got promoted within the RKC to a Master Instructor
– I physically bottomed out discovered the foundation
of Original Strength
– And best of all – we had our first child – our son

There are many other things too that came from that difficult
year – amazing friendships among them.

But the point is, who knows how life would’ve been
different if I had quit because of my circumstances?

Would it have been the same?


Now you may be going through a tough time right now, or
things may just be a little bumpy – or maybe – and I hope
this is truly the case – life is cherry – regardless – with your
permission – I want to share this with you cause I think
it’ll really help you out.

Remember earlier I said the 2 things that really helped me
out were my faith and my workouts?

Here’s what went through my mind more often than not –

“I can do this. This is nothing compared to all those squat
workouts with the weight on my back. I can make it through.”

See, I used to love to squat.

And I’d squat a lot.

Usually heavy, and without a spotter.

Yeah, it was pretty dangerous and probably stupid.

But you know what?

It worked for me later on in life.

It gave me a strength to make it through that year that
I’m 100% certain I  wouldn’t have otherwise had…

To be able to tolerate the pressure…

To persevere.

That’s what keeping on keeping on with your workouts
will do for you

They give you an emotional strength reserve.

And when you’re done persevering and you make it
through those dark days –

Those opportunities appear. I believe you literally “unlock”

And I firmly believe you wouldn’t receive them if you
gave in to your circumstances.

So, don’t lose heart!

Keep on keeping on and remember, just by doing
something as simple as doing your workouts can give
you the emotional strength you need to bear up under
your circumstances and as a result –

Unlock new opportunities on the other side!

Talk soon.


P.S. I often find my workouts my “solace” – a place of
refuge if you will from crap that life throws at me.

It’s like my time away from it all.

If you approach your workouts that way, you may be
surprised at a) how much easier it is to overcome
your circumstances and b) how many opportunities
start to appear and unlock.

I can’t fully explain it all, I just know it happens.

It happened to me, it’s happened to others I know,
and it can happen for you.

The key on the workout front is to have workouts – or
rather a program that “gives” to you – just like putting
money in the bank
, instead of workout that take from
you – like that mooching relative who only calls you
when he needs money.

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