Sorry – Correction – Only 4 Spots Left…

Hey – don’t mean to bombard you with
emails on a Sunday – but just sent you an
email saying there were only 6 spots left
at the upcoming “Kettlebell Muscle” Workshop.

Literally as soon as I sent out the email I
checked my email and got an email from my
host telling me there’s only 4 spots left.

(You’re right – that’s a lot of emailing! lol!)

Anyway, just wanted to make sure that if
you intend on coming that you register now
because I think by Monday morning all
the spaces will be filled and I don’t want
you to miss out.

See you at the workshop.


P.S. This is going to be a blast! We’re
going to be lifting heavy double KBs for
8 hours and they’re going to feel light
by the end of the day!

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