“Stand Closer To The Rhino” – What NOT To Do With Your KBs

I just read this story that made me shake my head about
a wildlife expert in South Africa who told a visitor it was
okay to stand “a little closer” to a rhino so they could get
a better picture.


Yeah, you know what happens next…

Shock and surprise!

A wild animal acts – Wild!

… And spears the lady through the chest with its horn
from behind.

She “only” suffers a collapsed lung and broken ribs.


She could’ve been killed.

Kettlebell workouts can be almost as dangerous if you
don’t know what you’re doing.

You probably won’t suffer broken ribs (unless you drop
a kettlebell on yourself while doing a Get Up and then
you’d be lucky if that’s all you suffered) or a collapsed
lung, but –

You could jack up your shoulders cause they’re not
ready for snatching.

You could tweak your lower back cause your abs
aren’t as strong as they could be.

Or you could bust a knee cause you’re lacking ankle
and hip mobility.

Well, how would you know?

First thing you could do is go get a movement screen
by somebody who knows how to do them, interpret
them, and then personalize a program.

That’ll probably be pretty expensive.

The second thing you could do is realize that if you
sit all day long, you’re like most everyone else.

And we all have the same general common problems:

– short, tight hip flexors
– rounded, slumped shoulders
– forward protruding neck
– weak abs
– and some other things too…

That means we all need to attend to these movement
dysfunctions sooner, rather than later.

And it also means that programming your kettlebell
workouts becomes relatively predictable.

They should follow a very logical sequence – a cycle –
for ultimate gains in strength, conditioning, and yes,
even fat loss.

And that of course means that your gains become
very predictable.

Unless of course you’re in the wrong phase of the
cycle. (Well THAT explains why you’re not seeing the
results you’re expecting…)

Wanna know the cycle?

Check it out here:


Remember, to paraphrase the great song by “The Police,” –
“Don’t stand so,
don’t stand so,
don’t stand so close to me. (Or the rhino.)”

Talk soon.


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