Step 2 In Assessing Whether Your Fat Loss Program Will Work

I have to be honest – I like fast.

No, no – wait – I LOVE fast – especially when it comes
to fat loss.

And honestly, we ALL like the IDEA of fast fat loss,
it’s the execution where we all fall down.

Why is that?

Why is it that some people get great results on fat
loss programs and others don’t

Well yesterday we covered stress levels and the 3
different kinds. If you missed it, go rummage thru
your inbox for it. It’s important stuff.


Last time I said we’d look at where you should really
be focusing for fat loss – and I said it wasn’t on
the magical kettlebell. (*Sniff. Sniff.* I’m sorry KB,
please forgive me. I still love you…)

And we’ll get there – but first we have to look at
the “driver” for fat loss, rapid, or otherwise.

Get this wrong, and well, you’ll spend years in fat
loss purgatory.

That’s the place where you’re not really going anywhere
even though you think you should be. You miss workouts
or do them half-heartedly, and you rationalize your
late night binges as “treating” yourself.

Worse yet, you feel absolutely powerless to change so
you end up stuck – just treading water…

Sound familiar? I hope not.

But if so, don’t worry – this could be your life


Ok, you’ve got the stress thing handled. You know
where you should be on the scale.

But here’s the thing –

Do you REALLY want to jump into a fat loss program?


Because if you don’t, DON’T.

Why not?

Why can’t this just be a casual, “ehhh” followed by
a shoulder shrug?

Because your feelings follow your dominant thoughts.

And your actions follow your feelings.

So if you’re not absolutely stoked to “get your fat
loss on” – then what’s the likelihood of you actually
following through – and of actually not sabotaging
yourself in the process?

Not very good.

Which is why the desire MUST be there.

Which brings us to a little “equation” based on desire
that you must also understand:

Desire > Motivation > Time Investment

Without desire, there is no true motivation.

And without motivation, there is no time investment
to do the things necessary to reach your goals.

Intuitively, I think we know this, although we may
have never seen it spelled out in such a way.

Here’s an example from my own life which actually
precipitated change – fat loss.

At the end of 2010, I was a physical wreck. I was
trying to compete in Olympic weightlifting and
injured my hip yet again. My stress and inflammation
levels were way up.

And I was about to be a dad.

My desire was to be the best dad I could be. I didn’t
want to be “broken and old dad” – that guy who can’t
participate in his kids’ lives who sits on the

So I stopped doing everything I was doing.

In fact, I turned my whole “workout life” upside down.

I did exactly the opposite of everything I’d done
up until that point.

Yes, I was that motivated.

And from that motivation, I took the time to do the
research to deign the eating and training plan that
my body needed to become healthy again.

And then I took the time to implement that plan.


All that action came from desire.

And desire is born in your heart.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you create or inflame
your desire other than to tell you that it’s usually
either born from running away from something or to
something. Usually a combo of both.

Using my example again, I was running from a life
of pain and dysfunction to a life of freedom and
fun. And I was willing to do pretty much whatever
it took to get there too.

I mean, I made some RADICAL changes too.

I went from eating 4-5 meals a day to 2.

I went from heavy barbell and KB work to all bodyweight.

I went from any sort of high intensity exercise to
low intensity exercise.

I was motivated boy!

And what was I motivated by?

The desire to be a great father to my son.

See how that works?

(Now some will say, yeah, but, sometimes you can’t
escape the grasp of the past and that’s what holds
people back from really making the necessary changes.

I disagree. Maybe YOU can’t, or haven’t yet, but plenty
of other people have modeled it, thus proving it can
be done.

Remember, as a man/woman thinks in his/her heart, so
is he/she.

Change what you’re thinking, and you’ll change your

So, before you embark on ANY fat loss program, ask
yourself if you REALLY want to do this NOW.


And be honest with yourself. Don’t lie to yourself.

I know, I know, more self-examination and introspection.

“Can’t I just go watch ‘Ducks Unlimited’?”

Sure can. But like the saying goes, “you don’t have
because you don’t ask.”

Many of us don’t have what we want out of this life
because we’ve never sat down and actually asked
ourselves what we REALLY want.

Be hot or cold. Not lukewarm. Nobody likes lukewarm.

In or out.

That’s the way fat loss has gotta be.

If you don’t have the desire, you won’t have the

And without the motivation, you won’t make the time
to make the right decisions that help you succeed.

Next time, I promise, I’ll show you where you need
to spend probably 90% of your effort. This is B-I-G.
This is where most people fall down and go boom.

Talk soon.


P.S. Ok, hey, I just realized, I forgot to put a link
in here to one of my products. I’m sure you won’t mind
if I don’t though. :-)

Just in case – if your desire is to get strong and lean
at the same time and you’re pinched for time –

Alternate the “One” program with the “STRONG!” program,
three days a week, and it’ll only take you about 60
minutes a week.


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