[STEP 2 – Semi-Automatic Fat Loss] – The “Sneak Attack” Approach

I have always been very much a “what you see is what you get”
kind of person.

Until recently.

I consider myself relatively successful in life.

I’ve accomplished all but 2 of my major life goals – and these
two seem to be eluding me.

One of them is achieving certain numbers in a major (to me)
strength event.

So I looked under the hood to see what I could find out.

Turns out there were some major issues with the electrical
system that have been affecting the whole mechanical system.

What on earth am I talking about?

Nope, not cars.

The human machine – my human machine.

I discovered that there is actually power in my speech – my
words – to create the environment I’m trying to achieve.

Yep, I know, that sounds absolutely nutzo.

“Batsh#t crazy” as my grandfather used to say.

However, you know that it’s true.

Think about the last time you put someone in his / her place
using your words.

In fact, many of us carry emotional wounds from harsh
words spoken to us at a tender age by those in authority.

Worse yet, many people are overweight as a result of those
harsh words – the extra weight functions as a sort of
protective mechanism.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our words have the
power to shape our destiny – especially when it comes to
creating the body we desire.

I recently heard about a S. Korean neurosurgeon who was
studying brain mapping – how the body is controlled by
the brain and which parts of the brain control which parts
of the body.

What he found shocked him:

The speech centers literally control the entire body.

What you say makes your body respond accordingly.

For example, if you say you’re weak, the body responds
accordingly and prepares to be weak.

The opposite is true – you say you’re strong and the body
prepares to be strong.

That’s why it’s so important to change what comes out of
your mouth.

When you say “I’m fat” – you’re making a declaration, even
if it is a statement of fact – and therefore your body responds
and keeps you fat.


Here’s a personal story.

In 2000, I was training for the National Championships in
Olympic Weightlifting.

I was having a tough time keeping weight on and so I started
taking to saying, “Man, no matter what I do, I just can’t gain

And guess what?

I couldn’t.

Yes, I know this is the opposite of “losing weight” – but hold on…

I told my coach this and he said to stop saying that I couldn’t
gain weight and to just eat. “Don’t change a thing about what
you’re doing,” he said, “just stop saying you can’t gain weight
and you will.”

Sure enough, 2 weeks later, I had gained 5 pounds and was
filling out my weight class.

The same is true for losing weight – or getting lean – as I like
to say.

(We are all programmed for growth – to “get” – and we hate
“losing” stuff and tend to go looking for that which we lost.)

That brings us to Step 2 in our “semi-automatic” fat loss series…

STEP 2: Speak Life. Use “Sneak Attacks.”

Be extremely careful of the words you say to yourself (and
others of course).

Speak only positive words to yourself.

Self-criticism is ok when warranted.

Self-loathing is not.

So how do you make the jump from a negative mindset –

Like “I’m fat” and “I can’t lose weight” and “I’ll never be trim”
and those sorts of poisonous words?

Pretty simple.

You use “transitions.”

You find things you can be successful at – things that are
back door “sneak attacks” on your goals.

For example:

One of the worst things someone who has had long-term

trouble losing fat – or rather thinks they have trouble losing
fat – can do is go on something like a rapid fat loss program.


Because it’s attacking the same wall they’ve failed to scale
so many times in the past.

So there’s already doubt in the process and the outcome.

A better, “sneak attack” approach would be to choose a different
goal that can get you to the same outcome through different

In the case of trying to get lean –

Training to be strong.

When you lift heavy weights you use a lot of energy.

Plus, you will reverse a lot of the damage being overweight has
done to your body by making it healthier.

(Yes, there is science showing that heavy lifting can make you
healthier and help you lose fat – more on that in a future article.)

You train to be strong, you get stronger, you see success.

Now you’re successful in some sort of physical endeavor.

Then you parlay that success into other areas associated
with losing fat and getting lean. (More on that in the next
couple of days.)

The best and simplest program for getting strong with
kettlebells is “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

The best part is if all you did was this program and didn’t
change anything else except speaking words of life to
yourself, I’m betting you’d end up a couple pounds lighter
in the next 30 days.


Because heavy strength training with kettlebells burns calories
and changes the way your body stores and uses fat.

Use the “sneak attack” approach on your fat loss –

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

More tomorrow…


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