[STEP 4 – Semi-Automatic Fat Loss] – “I Pity The Fool!”

Being a child of the 70s and 80s, that quote is burned in my
my brain.

It is of course, from the iconic Mr. T – “BA Baracus” on The

I LOVED that show.

Never could quite figure out how they could fling open the back
doors of the van, and shoot at the bad guys point blank and never
quite hit them…

Which brings me to the KB version of Mr. T –


Most people are only concerned with chasing reps, or trying
to get their workouts done in a certain time.

They forget about their technique or pay it no mind.


STEP 4 – Focus On Your Technique


Because by using the right muscles at the right times, you can
lift more weight, which uses more energy (burns more calories)
and you can, literally, by default –

Lose fat by doing less.

How’s that work?

Because when you stop compensating with your bad technique,
you will actually use the right muscles, which, are deconditioned,
and will take time to acclimate to doing more work.

Don’t worry though, they’re usually the bigger muscles –

For example:

– Actually using your gluts and hamstrings when you do
your swings instead of feeling your lower back

– Using your lats when you press, instead of just your shoulder
(yes, this is possible, despite what the “anatomists” out there

– Learning how to use your breath to press to stabilize and
protect your lower back

– Learning how to use your grip on all your overhead work
to protect your shoulders and use more of your arm muscles

– Learning how to squat properly to alleviate knee pain and
activate more of your quads, hams, and gluts

Let me just be blunt with you here:

Failure to dial in your technique will ultimately lead to an

Here’s a case in point:

In 2005 I finally relented and went to the RKC because even
though I was a strong Olympic lifter, I still could not figure out
how to do the 2H Swing without hurting my lower back.

I got my swing technique dialed in and “Hey Presto!” –

No more lower back pain.

Now imagine if with my sporting background, and being a
former college strength coach, I couldn’t get this on my own,
how much do you think you could be missing –

What kind of technique errors do you think you might be

And what kind of results might you be leaving on the table
by not knowing the ins and outs of KB technique?

Fortunately, I go into EXTREME detail about technique
for the double kettlebell exercises in “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll learn the most efficient and powerful ways to perform
the following exercises:

– The Front Squat
– The Swing
– The Press
– The Clean
– The Push Press
– The Snatch
– The High Pull
– The Jerk
– The Clean + Jerk


You’ll learn the most common mistakes that people make
with their techniques – and how to fix these technique flaws
quickly and easily –

So you can train more efficiently and burn more calories
without having to do more actual “work.”

Imagine that – shorter workouts, focused on refining your
technique, that actually fortify you and help you burn fat
instead of leaving you feeling destroyed.

You’ll get no pity from me or Mr. T if you hurt yourself
trying to lose fat because you refused to slow down and
work on your technique.

Don’t make that mistake.

Refine your technique and burn more fat semi-automatically
by getting your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the final step in semi-automatic
fat loss – the one thing in KB training that yields the biggest
bang for your buck.

Talk then.


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