Steroid-Like Gains From KBs????

Hope you had a great weekend.

I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport after missing my
connecting flight home last night.

Sprinted a 1/4 mile to the gate with a couple of high
school lacrosse players only to have had them
close the doors moments before.

Turns out about 15 or more people missed that flight
and had to be rebooked. Not a smart move on the
airline’s part.

Anyway, while I was waiting in customer service I
checked the ol’ Book of Faces and found this from
Jesse -

Imagine that.

“Hey buddy – you’re blowing up. What’re you on?”


Just what every serious lifter wants to hear.

Getting accused of being on the juice because you’re
program works that well.

Of course Jesse’s not “on” the juice, the clear, the bean,
the sauce or any of that.

What’s he on?

“Kettlebell STRONG!.”

When you want steroid-like gains and the jealous
admiration of your peers, get your copy here.

Gotta run – boarding…

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