Stopping The MADNESS

This time of year can best be described as…


At least when it comes to food.

Many people just “check out.”

They feel guilty about eating the foods they want, enjoy,
and love.

So they eat them anyway and live in denial.

Denial that calories don’t matter…

… That they won’t add up.

… And that they can somehow get away with it.

They rationalize that they’ll take care of it in the
New Year.

Until they step on the scale on January 1st.

Then reality slaps them in the face like a cold dead

And they’re confused… upset… and disenchanted…

Feeling like they’ll never get a handle on this whole
fat loss thing…

Or worse -

They’ll use the same old strategies in 2015 that didn’t
work for them in 2014… or 2013… or 2012…

The sad TRUTH is that most people who gain weight over
the Holidays NEVER get rid of it and carry it forward
year-to-year, ending up obese 20 years down the road.

Don’t believe me?

Here are 4 “proofs” for you to wrap your “Egg-Noggin”

1. According to a study(1) in the New England Journal
of Medicine, a group of 165 people were studied year-
round. Researchers found that most of the weight
gained was during the holiday season and it didn’t
come off during the rest of the year, leading them
to conclude that it –

“…probably contributes to the increase in body weight
that frequently occurs during adulthood.”

However, it gets worse.

2. In a another study published in “Nutrition Reviews”(2)
by Roberts and Mayer, people who are already overweight
gained, on average in the 6 week period between
Thanksgiving and New Year’s, 5 pounds.

3. Furthermore, this same study found that 51% of annual
weight gain occurs during this 6 week period.

So HALF of the weight you’re going to gain each year
comes from THIS time of year.

4. Take a look around.

What do your eyes tell you?

My eyes tell me that most people today are overweight.

(Recent statistics prove this: According to the Centers
for Disease Control, in 2011-2012, 69% of adults over
20 were overweight and obese.)

So if you want to remain overweight or become more
overweight, then keep doing the same thing every one
else does this time of year.

If not, then you need to do the opposite of what
you and everyone else normally does and stop the

The FACT is, you CAN eat all of your favorite foods,
especially this time of year -

And ENJOY them.

AND keep the fat off.

AND… Even LOSE fat.

You just have to have the appropriate nutrition and
workout strategies.

And they don’t have to be complicated or time consuming.

In fact, if you do it right, they will fit into the
busiest of schedules –

Allowing you to get all your Christmas / Hanukkah
shopping done, and get to your parties, without adding
more stress to what is more likely than not an already
stressed out schedule.

How do you do “manage” to do this?


Get your copy of the Kettlebell Secrets Holiday Survival Guide.

If you don’t and choose to eat what you want and live
in denial over the next 4 weeks, don’t be surprised
when you wake up in 2015 as just another statistic.

Talk soon.



(1) N Engl J Med. 2000 Mar 23;342(12):861-7.
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