Strength AND__________?

See if you agree with me on this –

Most of us got into kettlebells for one of two reasons –

1. As an adjunct or to get an edge to our current strength


2. As an “easy” way to get back into “shape” – which for
many was to hack off a few (or more) pounds of extra
butter above and around the beltline


Many of us haven’t really focused on what’s going on
INSIDE our bodies. And many of us don’t – until it’s
almost too late –

You know – the unfavorable diagnosis from the doctor…

There was a magazine published by Bob Hoffman, one
of the great names in the American Iron Game, called
“Strength and Health.”

I think we need to get back to the “and Health” part if for
no other reason than the healthier you are, the easier
it is to attain your strength goals and the easier it is to
get back into “shape.”

It makes good sense that it’s easier to make progress when
you’re body is functioning properly and not fighting itself
or some disease.

I’ve found a pain free and relatively effortless way to start
doing that in my own life which I think will help you too.

I wrote about it for you on the ol’ blog here.

Check it out.

Could be just what the doctor ordered. ;-)

Talk soon.


P.S. “Health” is what you can’t see. One of my underlying
beliefs is that if it looks good on the outside, things are
probably doing alright on the inside.

This will help with both.

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