Stress Free Holiday Fat Loss (3 Step Plan Inside)

Everyone knows that fat loss – that losing fat – takes a
lot of energy and focus.

Which is why being hyper-focused on a fat loss program
this time of year is NOT the best of ideas.

The best idea is to:

1) Dial back on your workout duration – long workouts
during the Holidays is, well… Dumb.

You’re already stressed out – so take a load off.

If you’re doing 45 to 60 minute workouts this time of year,
chances are probably pretty good that because of all
you have to do this time of year, you could be psychologically,
emotionally, and physically limiting yourself.

: There’s nothing worse in my book than
being pressured to get my training done.

I absolutely hate it when I know that I have a hard deadline
for my workouts. What I mean is this: If I know my wife
or son need something to be done by me right after my
workouts, it puts unnecessary pressure on me.

As a result, I always like to leave a time buffer.

Well this time of year my family needs lots of stuff from
me. I’m on husband and dad “red alert” – especially with
our daughter due in 2 weeks.

So workouts/training need to be “relaxed” and almost
informal – doing the bare minimum to make progress.

Definitely not the time of year to put “pedal-to-the-metal.”

Which brings me to my next point:

Emotional: When the psychological pressure gets screwed
down, you often feel it in your emotions – things like
anger, sadness, and bitterness, to name a few.

These are all the wrong emotions to be experiencing,
especially this time of year – which is supposed to be
full of joy, peace, and somewhat relaxing – enjoying
family and friends.

And all those negative emotions show up –

Physically: Increased stress increases the following –

Cortisol levels go up, which ultimately chews up your
muscle, increases insulin levels, which increases
your body fat.

Adrenaline levels go up, which can deplete your adrenal
glands, which will increase fatigue levels, and will
ultimately will end up harming your health – depressing
your immune system, opening you up to disease and
sickness – which is one of the best ways I know to
hamper your fat loss or strength gains.

And here’s something really cool that I’ve found over the
last two years that will really relieve some stress –

2) Increase – yes, INCREASE your frequency.

I’ll show you how to do this in upcoming emails, but just
keep this in the back of your mind.

Short, frequent workouts are, as one of my clients says,
Ah-Mazing” for fat loss and stress relief.

They’re almost like a tease –

You get a little taste – which leaves you wanting more,
especially if you do REALLY short workouts.

They no longer become a chore – one more thing to
get done – but rather something that you look forward

And best of all, because they are so short – they are
SUPER-EASY to implement into the busiest of schedules –

And many times, depending on the exercises you choose,
you don’t even need to change into your “workout clothes,”
which is cool, cause that saves you time as well.

(Hey, every little bit helps in my book.)

3) Implement “strategic eating”

There’s good, better, and best times to eat for fat loss –

especially during the Holidays.

And the good news – or maybe I should say – BEST news
of all is – when you strategically implement them over the
Holiday season, you don’t have to be one of the averages –

That’s right –

The average American (Sorry – I don’t know the stats about
other averages like Europeans and Australians) gains
EIGHT pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s

In fact, chances are pretty good, that when combining
super short workouts and “strategic eating,” you could come
out of the Holiday Season leaner than when you went in –

Especially when you understand the rationale for doing
so, which I’ll cover tomorrow.

Gotta run.


P.S. Don’t worry about “how” to do all this stuff. I’ve almost
finished my new book, which details EXACTLY how to do
all of this – and more importantly –

How to implement these short workouts YEAR ROUND
to make what I call “STUPID SIMPLE” Progress –

Progress so simple so easy you’ll be astounded.

And here’s the best part – I’ll tell you how to get it for
FREE. More on that soon. :-)

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