Stress Free Workouts That Yield BIG TIME Results…

I had a great workout last night.

It was after a long day of “wrestling” – trying to stay on task and
get everything done that needed to be done – despite all the
distractions thrown my way.

It was a simple one too – just 2 exercises – and they weren’t
even supersetted for time efficiency’s sake.

(Now don’t get me wrong – it was still part of my overall plan –
that is – it was still planned – but there was flexibility in the

One exercise for as many reps as I felt like doing at a time
followed by another exercise using the same format – do
what I felt like doing.

(And I was done in 30 minutes.)


Well at the risk of sounding like a broken record, our 18-month
old is having sleep issues – again. 18 month sleep regression
the experts call it.

So we haven’t been getting much sleep.

No worries, my training has been ultra productive, and I’ve
been establishing several new personal bests along the way
despite lack of sleep.

Muscle mass is up too – by about 5 pounds.

How am I doing it?

How is it possible to make gains like this in the face of sleepless-
ness and work pressures and the such?

How is it possible to stay on track when sometimes you feel
so stressed out that you want to jump out of your skin or curl
up in a ball?

It’s pretty simple really.

You take the pressure of working out – or getting a good workout
off the table – off your plate.

I’m not saying you don’t workout – I’m saying you still train, but
you take the pressure to perform during your workout away.

I think Dan John calls these “punch clock” workouts. You just
show up, “punch the clock,” and do your thing.

You just show up and do the program, but you dial everything
back – you make it easy.

Some call it “autoregulation” – which you should be using forms
of anyway.

And you give yourself “only” small segments of time to get your
workouts in – no more long marathon hour sessions.

You keep them short and sweet and to the point.

That way they don’t look overwhelming when you see them in
your schedule – you see them and in your mind you go, “Sure,
I can do that.”

Sometimes they’re as short as 10 minutes.

(Try Clean and Press ladders with a medium pair of bells doing
this – you’ll be AMAZED at how much work you can get done
and how good you feel afterwards.)

And sometimes they can be as long as 30 minutes like mine
was last night.

The point is to let yourself “off the hook” by doing less than you
think you should do.

Counterintuitive, I know, but that’s the point.

It let’s the pressure off.

You know what else let’s the pressure off?

Not stressing out over what workout you’re going to do today
and actually having a plan – one that’s been proven and written
by a pro.

That way you don’t have “worry” about how to structure it or what
you’re going to do for tomorrow’s workout – if you’re one of those
people who’s always thinking ahead. It’s already been done for

That’s what “Kettlebell Express!” is for.

These are stress-free workouts that yield Big Time results.

They’re challenging enough so you can “get your workout on” but
short enough to fit into your already busy and stress-filled schedule
without the sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Do yourself a favor – Take the pressure off yourself and get your
stress-relieving, time-efficient kettlebell workout programs here –

You deserve it.

Talk soon.


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