Strong OR Lean? 3 Step Simple Formula For BOTH.

Gotta keep it short this morning.

There seems to be some confusion out there in the interwebz
about training for strength and training fat loss.

Do you train for strength first? Or to get lean first?

Why not both?

To separate them – to have to choose – is actually a false

If you know how to program your KB workouts, you can
do both at the same time – regardless of whether you’re
looking any one of the 3 speeds to lose fat: “rapid,” “maximum,”
or “lifestyle.”

(This is how I program all my private coaching client’s

Here’s how you do it:

STEP 1: Eat for fat loss.

You already know this, or should by now.

If not, a quick – refresher:

– lean meats, eggs, veggies, berries, a little starch
– dairy like cottage cheese & Greek yogurt is also acceptable

If you don’t see it on that list, don’t put it in your mouth.

And get a cookbook or some meal plans to follow so you
don’t have to over think this.

(These are by far my favorite.)

Your nutrition accounts for 80-90% of your fat loss results.

Not a popular notion, but true nonetheless.

STEP 2: Train for strength.

There’s some awesome research that proves what I’ve been
saying for years – training heavy for strength – the type 2b
fibers – helps you lose fat faster.

I’ll get to the study some other time – it’s fantastic – and
merits it’s own series of newsletters.

The goal is to create/generate tension.

The absolute best way to do that with KBs is by using the
double KB exercises.

Combine the “STRONG!” program with your lean eating
outline above for best results.

STEP 3: Train explosively.

This is where your KB ballistics come in – swings, snatches,
cleans, jerks.

The key here – and this is where most people go wrong -

Is to make each and every rep as explosive as possible AND
STOP when you can no longer do so

You don’t just keep going to “get the reps in.”


Type 2b fibers. They’re “energy hungry” and when you
let your speed drop off and are no longer explosive, you’re
no longer accessing those fibers.

Therefore you’re not using the energy you could be.


How do you use these 3 steps?

One step at a time.

First, get your nutrition in order. Getting meal plans are
the best way to go, especially if you’re stuck on what to

Second, start using a pair of KBs regularly. “Kettlebell
STRONG!” is your best resource to learn and train with
a pair

Third, start implementing short bouts of ballistics. I recommend
you use only the first 3 workouts in the “One” program until
you can get you KBs to float chest high on each and every

That’s it for today.

Hope that cleared up some confusion for you.

Talk soon.


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