Stronger. Leaner. Faster. [VIDEO & PDF]

Here’s the key to getting leaner and stronger
than you might have thought possible –

Get to REALLY know the double kettlebell

Here’s a video I made for you to help you
get started.


Even if you’re currently using doubles
you’ll want to check out this video because
it will make you instantly stronger.


(It has for anyone who attended the 2010
Summit of Strength, my Kettlebell Muscle
Workshops, and 2011’s Hardstyle Ventura.)

Check it out and let me know what you

Talk soon.


P.S. This is really going to make your
double kettlebell training much stronger.


P.P.S. You may have seen this before
but it’s always good to go back to the


Because what separates the ELITE from
the “also rans” is that the elite have
mastered the basics.


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