Stuck On “Hold” (Annoyingly True Story)

So yesterday was the longest day of the year – summer solstice.

The day when the Earth is closest to the sun.

And parts of yesterday sure seemed to drag on F-O-R-E-V-E-R…

Like the part where I was stuck on hold on the phone – get this –
for almost an hour!

I kid you not.

It was one of those super-important calls that had to be dealt
with immediately. To make matters worse, I HAD to stay on
the call because it was at 4pm and it was approaching the
close of business.

There was “only” supposed to be a 15 minute hold time.

Yeah, right.

To make matters even worse, I got disconnected from their end
not once, but TWICE!

Can you believe that?

Eventually I got the issue reconciled but not until something like
5:07pm, which made me late for my 5pm client.

The good news was I was able to do some mail sorting and filing
and some other “no-brainer” stuff that needed to be done.

You may feel like you’re “stuck on hold” with your workouts because
every day is a “long day.”

You don’t have to feel that way – there is time in your day.

All you need is 15 minutes.

Here, I’ll prove it to you.

Do the following workout – today – at lunch, when you get home,
while your spouse is cooking dinner, after the kids go to bed –

It’ll help you get strong.

It’ll help you get conditioned.

Most importantly, it’ll help you get going.

It’s simple and it takes no thought or energy on your part.

Set your timer for 15 minutes.

Do 5 minutes of joint mobility work to loosen up and shake off
the stress of the day.

– Neck, shoulders, upper back, hips, knees, ankles. Done.

Next, grab a medium sized KB, something you can press 5 or
6 times with relative ease.

Ok, here we go – Clean + Press ladders for the next 10 minutes.

Start with 1 rep each side.

Rest as needed – as little as necessary.

2 reps each side.

Again, rest as little as necessary.

3 reps.

Then rest.

Then 4.

The rest.

BAM! – there was a quick 20 reps of Clean + Presses in no time at

Now repeat that ladder – 1,2,3,4.

See how many ladders you can get done in that 10 minute time

So again, here’s the actual workout portion – after you do 5 minutes
of joint mobility:

Clean + Press ladders: 1,2,3,4 with a KB you can press 5-6 times
pretty easily

– Do as many ladders as you can in 10 minutes
– Rest as little as necessary between sets, but as needed.

When you’re done, shake out your arms and legs.

Take 10 deep breaths from your stomach.

Be thankful you just got a short, stress-relieving workout in.

Keep doing these types of short workouts 3 times per week and
in 30 days you’ll feel and look a lot better.

Here’s a bunch of these types of workouts for you to choose from:

Have a great weekend!


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