Stuff Yourself Silly And STILL Stay Lean (Details Inside)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US.

For those of us celebrating, we will be chowing
down on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry
sauce (not me – hate the stuff), mashed potatoes,
and various pies.

Then, we will collapse comatose on the couch
to watch football with our eyes closed – or some
approximation of this event.

Here’s how you keep from putting on the pounds:

First, I’ve been showing you how to properly
use your double kettlebells.

So, you’re going to use them.

More on that in a minute.

First, how do you deal with the all the food?

Well, just undereat today.

By how much?


Don’t worry, you’ll make it up tomorrow.

Second, you need to do the right workout

Here’s something I’ve been sitting on for
quite some time, but I’ll finally share with
you –

If you want to chow down, make sure
you “sandwich” your “pig-out-fest” with
two physically demanding workouts.

So what I would do today is some higher
volume work – ballistics are right up your
alley –

Double Swings sound great to me.

How many?

Hmmmm… Dunno. Depends on your
experience with them. So just set your timer
for 20 or 30 minutes and have at it.

Don’t do more than sets of 10.

Make sure you get those bells to “float!” –

That’s how you know that you’re really
putting power behind those bells and
more power = more calories burned, baby!

(More about how to do that in those videos
I shot for you.)

Third, you want to make sure you do the
right workout AFTER Thanksgiving – cause
who are we kidding – you’re not doing
ANYTHING tomorrow except eating (and
maybe traveling).

So here’s what I suggest you do on Friday –

(I’ll probably send something along anyway
but just in case I’m still in a food coma,
here’s something that will get you started.)

Remember that Front Squat video I made
for you?


Do that.

Spend some time doing Front Squats.

Ok, A LOT of time.

Set that timer again for 20-30 minutes and
see how many you can get done.

Use medium weights.

Why the FSQ?

in your body.

And so it will burn A LOT of calories.


A session of Front Squats, in my opinion, is
WAY more demanding then Swings.

Plus, chances are better than good that you’ve
already been doing a bunch of Swings.

And the more you do something, the more
efficient you get at it, so the less effect it will
have on your body. (Less calories burned in
this case.)

And I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t been
doing a bunch of Front Squats, right?

So do them on Friday.

Of course, you can always combine them
with other exercises too.

For example, you can use “Front Squat
Madness” inside “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA.”


It’s on sale right now for 30% off – at least for
a little while longer – probably through the

(Click this link and bypass invisible salespage –
straight to shopping cart

Then I’ll probably get off my butt and write
that stinkin’ sales letter so people can really
understand the benefits of short workouts
using double KBs.

So that’s what you’ve got lined up for today
and Friday.

Speaking of Friday, I expect to be back with
another video for you.

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot – what to eat on Friday.

Keep it light again. Take a pass on the stuffing
and pies and go straight for the turkey.

Remember, you just ate enough food to feed
a small nation yesterday, so take it easy –
really easy on Friday.

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