Stupid Human Exercise Tricks

Don’t be this guy – LOL:

This just cracks me up that I used to do some of this

We were never dumb enough to put a barbell across our
backs (at least I wasn’t) but we would do stupid
things like jump up onto these balls and then do

Looking back, I can’t believe I was that dumb.

Imagine what would’ve happened if I had slipped
and fallen (on concrete covered by carpet) –

Pulled groin or hamstring…

… Broken arm or wrist…

… Dislocated shoulder…

… Cracked skull or concussion…

Exercises can be fun – and really should be fun to
some extent –

But they shouldn’t carry so much inherent risk that
the reward is outweighed by the danger potential.

These are great exercises to do at this time of
year –

Fun, low risk, low skill, and high payoff.

This time of year?


Aren’t they good at ALL times of the year?

Well sure they are, Big Dog.

But there are other exercises worth doing at other
times of the year – exercises that require more
concentration / focus and have a higher level of
emotional arousal.

What’s the big deal about this time of year?

A couple things, depending on your personality.

1. If you’re a “go-getter” – an “ultra-A” personality,
then focusing on fat loss can be a good idea, because
you can use the Holiday Party scene to facilitate
that fat loss.

Most people don’t fall into that category this time
of year, though.

2. Most people are in “coast” mode this time of year.

There’s about 3 weeks left in the year and many of
us are still running around shopping for loved ones,
making travel plans, and if you’re in the corporate
world, you’re cramming to get your annual expense
reports among other things in.

So workouts, especially workouts that take a lot
of focus take a back seat. You’ll get to them or
back to them in the New Year.

If you fall in category #2, then I’ve been recommending
that you do what I call “Post-Season” workouts.

The “post-season” is a term we use in the strength
and conditioning world to refer to the period of time
immediately after an athlete finishes his competitive

It’s a period of “down” time where workouts are put
into maintenance mode.

Exercises that are performed are usually performed
just to maintain technique.

This lets the body and the mind recuperate and get
prepped for what’s to come.

The best exercises to perform during “post-season?”

– Ones you like

– Ones you’re not so familiar with

– Ones you should perform because they’re your

Here’s a list of exercises that are worthy of your
post-season pursuit:

– Single KB exercises: Snatch, High Pull, Front Squat

– Bodyweight exercises: Any gymnastics type exercise
focusing on the anterior chain: Frog stands, lever
series, tuck/L-sits, etc

– Double KB exercises: Front Squat, Swing, Push Press,

Play with them.

Have fun.

Focus on your technique only. (Make sure you KNOW
what good / proper technique is – there’s too much
guessing going on these days.)

Stay away from fatigue.

Walk away from your workout with a smile on your face…

…Without doing stupid human tricks and getting hurt.

Speaking of putting a smile on your face –

When you learn proper double kettlebell technique,
you’ll literally become instantly stronger.

Smile more here. :-)

Talk soon.


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