Stupid New Year’s Resolutions

… Not petting stray animals…

… Not getting drunk in public…

… Not getting drunk in public more than once a week…

… No more selfies posted to Facebook (at least not ones
where drunk in public)…

… No more twerking selfies posted to Facebook…

… No more KB program hopping…

Let’s make this year even better than last year.

Sure, you may have made some gains, seen some progress,
but you may have found yourself swayed by all the shiny new
workouts out there.

Let’s drill down and find out what you REALLY want to
accomplish and then do just that. Nail down your goals.

Assuming your goal isn’t rapid and/or perpetual fat loss
(should’ve gotten that report last week if it is), you need
to focus on one simple, super-easy, life-transforming quality:


Ok, certainly you don’t “need” to – like it’s a matter of life and
death –

Well, maybe it is -

Strength Coach Mark Rippetoe says “stronger people are harder
to kill.”

One thing’s for sure, the stronger you are, the more confidence
you’ll carry yourself with – and you probably won’t fall victim
to those idiots playing that “Knockout Game.”

(A big set of traps and broad shoulders also serve as a
warning sign….)

And even if you do – you’ll guaran-durn-tee you’re the last
person they ever attempt that with.

I cannot even begin to tell you what else being strong and
training for strength will do for you –

Ok, that’s not true – look, here’s a personal story that will
help you out –

2008 was the toughest year – or one of the toughest years
of my life.

I was under IMMENSE pressure.

Two things kept me from cracking and going down in flames:

1. The Grace of God
2. The internal strength that years of struggling under a bar
training for strength taught me

Yup – I had trained myself to become uncomfortable with

That’s one of the keys to getting physically stronger.

Long story short, I survived, and then went on to thrive,
living a life I hadn’t been able to imagine up until that point.

When it literally came to “do or die” – I “did.”

Becoming comfortable with discomfort is one of the keys
to getting stronger.

And quite honestly, I think it’s getting harder and harder to
do in a society where it seems “softness” is the norm.

Strength is no longer valued.

At least not by the weak.

My challenge to you this year is to make this year your
strongest year ever.

Embrace and overcome discomfort.

It has carryover in every single area of your life.

Start by getting “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

The very first exercise we cover goes right for the jugular
with no apologies and forces you to embrace discomfort –

To conquer it, and then laugh at it when doing all your other
KB exercises.

You’ll be surprised at how much easier life becomes when
you stop letting yourself get distracted by all the shiny
new workouts and just focus on strength in your own little
“Courage Corner” and really just get “kettlebell strong.”

Strength gives you more options and more opportunity and
isn’t that the promise or at least the hope of the New Year?

You know it is.

Start your New Year’s strength journey here.

Talk soon.


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