Subtle Yet Simple Cue For A Stronger Body…

If there’s one exercise that will make your body stronger,
it’s the squat.

Especially the double KB front squat.

It makes your swings better…

… your presses better…

… all your overhead work better…

… your abs stronger…

… improve your conditioning…

And because of that, one of my close friends sent me a
video of his double KB front squat yesterday.

It was impressive because he had his left knee replaced
about 5 or 6 months ago.

He’d been living on a busted knee for about 40 years and
it was finally time to get a new one.

As a result, he’d never had a real squat because he’d never
really trained it or been able to train it.

(These are his own words, not mine. It’s interesting that
he’d say this since he competed in powerlifting.)

So I was super stoked when he sent his video over to me.

I love this guy – he never quits, never gives up, and never
finds an excuse not to be better.

As a result, he is open to constructive criticism, which is
why he sent me the video.

His squats looked great.

There was one subtle thing he needed to work on to make
himself even stronger – to put himself in a better position.

He kept his weight on his whole foot all the way through
the squat, except at the bottom, where he drifted back
slightly on his heels.

What’s wrong with that?

Well like I said, it was subtle.

Besides dissipating force and leaking energy – which robs
you of your strength – it can – not saying it will – lead to injury.

What should you do instead?

Keep your weight on your whole foot, especially over your
instep – or centered over your arch.

That’s kind of abstract isn’t it? So where exactly?

Keep it on the 3 points you see in the image below:

This keeps the weight balanced between the front and
back of your body.

More importantly, it properly aligns the rest of the joints
in your lower body – your knees, and hips, and –

It even affects the position of your pelvis, and therefore
your ability to stabilize your spine – and keeping the muscles
surrounding those joints functioning properly.

(See where the potential for lower back injuries comes

This even affects your upper body, like t-spine mobility,
shoulders, and even your neck and jaw.

And it allows you to more efficiently direct your force
and keep your body moving up in a straight line.

Unfortunately, for some of us, that might mean we have
to dial back the weight on a bit and focus on our technique.

(I had to.)

Just do sets of 2 to 5 reps for as many sets as you feel
like doing as long as your form doesn’t break down

I truly believe (based on experience) that the stronger
and more refined your FSQ is, not only will the rest
of your body get stronger –

You’ll see bigger numbers on all your lifts.

That assumes that you know the other cues to build a strong
front squat like my buddy does.

I lay them all out step-by-step in the 3.5 hours worth of
video in the “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs.

The double FSQ is your foundation for building your
strength with the double KB lifts.

Get this right, and your press, your swing, your push press,
snatch, clean, and jerk will all feel so much easier.

In fact, if you want some “extra special lovin'” – swap out
the clean + press in the “STRONG!” program for the
front squat.

Spending time laser-focusing on your squat like my
friend has is one of the simplest, sure-fire ways to get

Get super-strong here.

Talk soon.


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