SUPER-QUICK KB Fat Loss Workouts

Hope all my East Coast (USA) friends are staying warm
from all that snow.

Don’t worry about it though – here’s a quick tip to make it
work in your favor:

Did you know cold exposure increases fat loss?


So when you’re shoveling, make sure you keep your
gloves on to keep your hands warm (duh) but just shovel
in a t-shirt.

I was doing it a couple of weeks ago out here. It was
16 degrees and I was shoveling my driveway in my
t-shirt. (Felt great.)

Crazy I know, but give it a shot.

Here’s something that’s not “crazy” for fat loss and has been
repeatedly proven by my athletes/clients for the last 16+
years –

Some of the best workouts for fat loss are also the quickest.

Wait –

Quick workouts => fat loss?

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

“No thanks. I’d rather spend an hour doing swings…”

The key is to create a very large “metabolic disturbance.”

That’s where there’s such a large demand for energy placed
on your body that it literally cannot keep up.

As a result, your body is literally FORCED to burn extra
calories even at rest.

(I’ve written about this before – it’s called the “Afterburn
Effect.” It’s that warm, sweaty feeling you get long after your
workout is over. And it’s GOOD. :-] )

There’s a very simple 3-step formula you need to apply
in order to make this happen routinely.

Check it out here.

The good news is that when you apply this 3-step formula
to your workouts – you can literally strip off body fat – up to
2-3 pounds per week – depending on how much you have
to lose.

And the even better news is you’ll only spend around an
hour a week doing so.

Check out the 3-step formula here.

Talk soon.


P.S. It’s best if you use a pair of kettlebells for this to work.
And don’t worry, they can (and probably should be) light.

And they don’t have to be the same pair either.

P.P.S. Combine the 3-step formula with cold exposure
and now you’ve got something SUPER-Powerful for
fat loss…

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