Swings Give You Bad Breath? Seriously???

You have got to be kidding me!!

Does the Swing cause halitosis otherwise known as
bad breath?

No, not that kind of bad breath.

I’m talking about breathing patterns, which, if
done incorrectly will really mess you up bad.

Bad, bad, bad…

Like jack up your back, your neck, your shoulders
and even make you fat.

That’s right I said it – Swings can make you fat.

I’ll get to that in a minute…

Here’s what I’ve seen a lot of people do:

Inhale on the backswing through their nose and
on the swing through their mouths.

So far so good.

But then – the unthinkable happens:

They get tired and it all goes to heck in a
handbasket (or hamburger if you prefer).

They start inhaling and exhaling through their

This will jack up your lower back and maybe even
your neck later on down the road.


Because when you inhale through your mouth you can
draw air into your diaphragm which “charges” your
abs to protect your spine.

When you inhale thru your mouth, you can’t do that
so you start using what are called accessory
respiratory muscles – muscles that assist in
breathing – as the main muscles to do the breathing.


You’ll not only end up with quite possibly a jacked
up neck (cause that’s where they’re located) but
you’ll end up screwin’ up your hormones.

Which also means that your Swings have the potential
to make you fat.


Because lack of oxygen to your bloodstream, brain,
and organs puts your body in a chronic “fight or
flight” state, which increases the amount of
adrenaline your body produces – leaving you tired
and fatigued.

This alters your body’s cortisol and insulin balance
and helps you lay down a nice thick layer of fat
around your middle.

All from breathing? Or not breathing as the case may


So How Do You Fix It?

Simple – use shorter workouts with less reps and more
rest that allow you to focus on your breathing.

Workouts like these.

Talk soon.


P.S. Hormones are the one area people fail to look
at when they’re trying to get results. If they’re out
of whack you can Swing ’til the cows come home and it
won’t make a difference.

Balance them by taking care of your breathing patterns
among other things, like stress, and you’ll start seeing
results again.

Seriously. It really is that simple.

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