Swings + “Healthy” Food = Fat (The Ugly Truth)

Nothing’s worse than starting the New
Year off with the best of intentions only
to be unknowingly sabotaged.

And make no mistake, we ARE BEING

By whom?

By the Food Industry who produces so-
called “health foods.”

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter
how many swings you’re doing –

If you’re eating these so-called “health
foods” in an effort to be healthy and
lose fat, than I can tell you from
experience, it’s going to backfire.

Here are some foods that have been
promoted as “Healthy” but actually
help your body STORE FAT:

*Store bought nuts
*Protein bars
*Sports drinks
*Canola Oil
*Whole wheat products
*ANYTHING Soy based
*Packaged “low carb” foods

And here’s one that really surprised me
since I used to buy this stuff –

*”All Natural” Peanut Butter

And there’s A LOT more than just those

My colleague Mike Geary reveals the rest of them
in his ultimate “anti-fat” resource “The Fat-Burning

And it’s on sale for the next 2 days only for less
than 20 bucks. (I think it’s a steal. I bought a
copy a couple of years ago for twice that and it’s

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In the “Fat-Burning Kitchen” you’ll also learn what
foods yould SHOULD combine with your Swings
for maximum fat-burning power – foods like:

*Chocolate (yes, you read that correctly)
*A special type of Beef
*A quick and easy recipe to replace commercial
energy bars

And a whole lot more that I can’t fit in here.

The best part of the Fat-Burning Kitchen is that
Mike has gone through and given you lists to
help you transform your kitchen from FAT-STORING
to FAT-BURNING in the next 24 hours.

You can get them all here:

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If you’re serious about making your New
Year’s resolution come true and getting rid
of that unwanted body fat then get Mike’s
fat-burning resource.

I guarantee you’ll learn a ton of surprising
new information.

Get your copy of the “Fat-Burning Kitchen”
today so that your Swings actually count.

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Talk soon.


P.S. Even if you think you might know all
this stuff already Mike’s got a killer bonus
of 6 video tutorials you should check out – ones
that will help you eliminate cravings and save
time prepping your fat-burning foods.

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