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The Worst Shoulder Injury I’ve Ever Witnessed…

If you’ve ever had shoulder pain, then you know it sucks. Pressing sucks. Pulling sucks. Supporting your weight on it sucks… That is, if you can lift your arm at all… When I was a college strength coach, one of the teams I trained was the volleyball team. One day during a team workout in […]

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1 Simple Cue To Boost Your Press Numbers AND Protect Your Shoulders

I’ve got a client who recently did one of those all-night type challenges. He had worked out on his own using one of those follow-along DVD programs, but when he started using KBs he really started dropping fat, getting strong, and putting on muscle. And he started getting really well conditioned too. So he goes […]

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How To Overcome Your Shoulder Problems

I’ve been waking up for the past year (since we’ve had our son) with right shoulder p – wait – almost said the “p” word – let’s call it “discomfort.” I think the reason is 3-fold: 1. I’ve been forced to sleep on my right side and end up sleeping on my shoulder, arm straight, […]

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