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My Secret Late-Night Obsession… (Don’t Judge Me!)

Last night after my wife went to bed, I stayed up an extra two hours. I should’ve been in bed. I couldn’t help myself. (Of course I could – I made a conscious decision.) I stayed up late and indulged in what has recently become a secret obsession – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’ve been […]

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[VIDEO] About Your Warm Up… (Important!)

Did you know many people leave “money on the table” by not  warming up correctly before their kettlebell workouts? In other words, their workouts aren’t as good as they could be because their bodies aren’t fully ready to move properly because they’re inactive most of the day.  So they don’t get as much work done […]

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NEW Stuff For You…

Happy Saturday. We were up EARLY – #1 son couldn’t sleep – hungry cause he wouldn’t eat his dinner. (I know, I know, welcome to parenthood.) Got this email from Paul – “I have Kettlebell Burn Extreme and Kettlebell Ultra Express from you. Is there anything new for me in Kettlebell Strong?” So I thought […]

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