Tasty (But Weird) Anti-Stress Formula [INSIDE]

Just a quick update – been working on a really cool project for you
that I’m certain you’re going to love.

I finished up shooting almost 3 hours of detailed video in the wee
hours of the morning and it’s currently being edited. 

I’m keeping the project under wraps for now but here are a few 
key points of interest about it:

1. It’s based on last week’s 4-Stage Cycle For Perpetual Gains

2. It’s designed to be a major “stress reliever” – it takes the guesswork
    out of not only your kettlebell workouts, but it’s also a comprehensive
    and detailed description of how to perform each and every exercise
    in your workouts

3. It’s it’s the closest thing to me coming over to your house, writing 
    your workouts, and training you personally, guiding you to your goals 
    faster than you thought possible

But fair warning: It’s NOT for everybody. 

More details over the next few days. 

Speaking of “stress relieving,” here’s a little something to help you
slash your stress levels down to virtually nil. (It works like a champ 
for me.)

It’s a weird but tasty “anti-stress formula” you can start using almost
immediately (like tomorrow morning).


Stress as you may or may not know, interferes with your workout

You can have the perfectly designed workout, but if your stress is left
unchecked, you can and in most cases, will, end up spinning your wheels.

That’s if you’re lucky.

Sometimes, you’ll regress – go backwards – get “negative” results. Think
about a fat loss program that makes you fatter or a strength program 
that makes you weaker. (I’ve had it happen to me and seen it happen 
to others.)

Here’s why:

Workouts are an immediate bad stressor on your body.

Lack of sleep, pressures from the boss, and fighting with your spouse
are all stressors. Bad stressors.

Stress, left unchecked, will not only tip your hormones in favor of your
stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, but it will also deplete your
body of valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which aid
in repairing your body and fighting stress.

Hence the need for a simple, yet highly effective anti-stress formula.

So here it is:


“Salty Coffee.”

And yes, that’s just a misnomer.

It’s really much more than that.

And if you think that sounds gross, hold your horses for a second 
before making a judgment call to see what’s really in it.

Before I tell you the rest of it, let me just tell you that this makes for 
part of an amazing “morning ritual” or a fantastic lunchtime snack, 
instead of a heavy lunch.

Here’s the formula (It’s a revision of the “AM Formula” from “The 24

Hour Diet” if you have that):

Coffee + Gelatin + Coconut Oil OR Grassfed Butter + 
Himalayan Pink Salt

I know, I know, that looks like a weird combination, but not only is it
incredibly tasty and satisfying, and not only does it keep me satisfied
for hours, it also literally helps melt the stress away.

I came home from a month on the road and my sleep schedule was
all messed up. 

Because of my chronic need for self-experimentation, I got away from
my “Salty Coffee” earlier this summer. 

After being home for about 2 weeks and still struggling with sleep and
to get on my new schedule, I reverted to this “old standby.”

Here’s Why Salty Coffee Will Help You Relieve Stress:

“Coffee – The favorite drink of the civilized world.” 
                                – Thomas Jefferson

Here are 7 reasons coffee is good for you and helps reduce stress:

– Coffee improves cholesterol health.
– Coffee (more specifically the caffeine in it) can maintain thyroid 

  and progesterone production or compensate for their deficiency.
- Coffee drinkers have a lower incidence of suicide and depression.
– Coffee drinking is associated with a lower incidence of Alzheimerʼs 

  and Parkinsonʼs diseases.
- Coffee improves vascular health, and lowers the risk of heart 
  disease and heart attack. 
- Coffee may drastically lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes. 
- Coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

What Does Gelatin Do? It Sounds Gross…

I mix 3 packs of gelatin into my coffee stein every morning. I pick it 
up in the baking goods department at my local grocery store.

It actually tastes good. Much better than a plain ol’ bitter black cup of 

Gelatin is actually found in every meat – primarily in the joints.

It contains three important amino acids: glycine, alanine, and proline, 
all of which help protect your cells from inflammation and degeneration.

What that means is that gelatin destroys the chronic inflammation 
produced by stress and poor diets, and slows down the aging 
process, which – 

And donʼt miss this cause this is the whole point – 

It reverses the damaging effects of todayʼs modern diets on your thyroid 
hormone – the master hormone associated with your metabolism. 

A healthy thyroid equals a healthy and efficient metabolism.

Coconut Oil – The Fat-Burning, Fountain of Youth Fat

I love coconut oil.

It’s one of my favorite foods. 


Because not only does it taste yummy, it has amazing health benefits:

1. Accelerates fat burning (by increasing your metabolic rate),
2. Reverses the aging process,
3. Has the ability to lower cholesterol, and
4. Has immune system boosting properties.

So what’s not to love about coconut oil?

Grass Fed Butter 

Obviously butter is not fed grass, but rather the cows who produce the
milk from which the butter is made. :-)

It’s high in Vitamin K2, which helps decalcify your arteries. Excess 
calcium in the arteries has been found as an indicator in heart disease.

Grass fed butter is also high in Butyric Acid (Butyrate), which is an
anti-inflammatory fatty acid. It decreases inflammation in the body which
in a good indicator of stress levels within the body.

Pretty good reasons to eat more butter – or put it in your coffee.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Not Just For Yaks

Honestly, I LOVE this stuff. I put in on just about everything. 


Because REAL salt, not the iodized processed and bleached stuff you 
get at the grocery store, is primarily sodium chloride, which in larger 
doses is bad for you.

So am I saying that salt is good for you?


Salt helps reduce the the increase of adrenalin (a stress hormone) and
the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which increases as we

Remember, good stress management is a balance between your 
sympathetic (fight or flight) and your parasympathetic (rest and digest) 
nervous systems.

In fact, lack of sodium decreases metabolism, increases inflammation, 
stress, and cellular degeneration. 

Looking at it differently, keeping sodium in your diet increases your 
metabolism, decreases inflammation, and alleviates other stress 
responses  in your body.

(For more info on salt, refer to the article, “Salt, energy, metabolic rate, 
and longevity” on www[dot]raypeat[dot]com.)

How Do You Make “Salty Coffee?”

Pretty simple really.

1. Pour yourself a piping hot cup / mug of coffee. 
2. Stir your coffee so you get that whirlpool action going and 
    pour in your gelatin.
3. Then take between a teaspoon and tablespoon and plop it in.
4. Finally, grind some Himalayan Pink Salt to taste. 

And that’s pretty much it.

Give that a shot and tell me what you think.

Oh, and yes, this is my breakfast.

It holds me for about 4 to 6 hours, depending on how much food I had
the night before.

Give the “Salty Coffee” a shot and see how your stress levels feel.

Like I said, it works GREAT for me. Think you’ll feel the same way too.

Gotta run.

More to come.

Talk soon.


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