TECHNIQUE TIP FRIDAY – The “Perfect” Swing/Clean/Snatch Set Up

Hard to believe the end of the week is upon us.

I’m off to Portland later this afternoon for an OS workshop and a “Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop.

It’s gonna be a good time.

We’ll be talking about optimizing performance all weekend.

Which is what I wanted to share with you today.

Here’s a technique tip that will literally “turbocharge” your KB ballistics.

“Stretch out” so you feel every muscle contract on the backside of your body from the base of your neck down to your heels BEFORE you hike pass the KB.

Let me show you what that looks like:


















































In the first pic I’m fully stretched and loaded.

Hips are up, and tension is running across and down my back and down the back of my legs.

In the second pic, I’ve just locked in my shoulders using my lats, which opens and loads my hips even further.

And this enables me to create a strong hike pass which is what you see the start of in the third picture.

Why do you need to know how to do this?

Several reasons:

1. Because we’re all built differently and I don’t want you to read on the internet or have some newbie KB instructor tell you that the “only” way to do Swings correctly is by putting your body into XYZ position.

We all have different leverages and so our set ups and our actual mechanics will look somewhat different.

I have short arms, short legs, and a relatively long torso.

Therefore, my shins will NEVER be perpendicular at the start of any ballistic.

If I had a short torso, short legs, and long arms, it would be easy to keep my shins perpendicular to the floor at the start.

That’s just one of many examples.

2. The proper set up ensures you protect yourself from injury.

“Feeling” all the muscles down the backside of your body before you start your Swings, etc, ensures you’re using your hips and hamstrings instead of your lower back.

At least on that first rep.

TRAINING TIP: Perform “dead stop” versions of your KB ballistics to concentrate on your set up.

These are where you do just ONE rep, then park the KB back on the deck.

Then you do another rep and so on.

These take a tremendous amount of energy.

3. The proper set up makes for more explosive ballistics, which, in turn, make you:

a) More powerful
b) Stronger
c) A larger calorie burner, and therefore,
d) Leaner

Pretty good reasons I’d say.

So give this technique tip a shot and let me know what you think.

Gotta run.

Stay Strong.


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