Technique Tuesday – Don’t Bust Your Shoulder Or Elbow. Do This Instead…

Real quick technique tip for you today.

Again, about grip, which, believe it or not, makes a HUGE difference in not only your performance, but safety as well.

Makes sense – after all, your hand attaches you to the KB.

Today –

Make sure you’re using an “overgrip” or maintaining a “Boxer’s Wrist” when performing any work overhead.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s what many people do wrong (a “broken” wrist).

Why the difference?

The “overgrip” allows you to counterbalance the pull of the center of mass of the KB, which sits below your wrist. (Unlike a dumbbell which has the weight even distributed on either side of your hand.)

This counterbalance is critically important.

Letting your wrist bend backwards makes it harder to stabilize (pack) your shoulder.

This “disconnects” your shoulder from your torso, and makes you more prone to injury.

And I can tell you from firsthand experience, a rotator cuff injury is NOT fun.

Letting your wrist bend backwards also makes it harder for some people to fully lock their elbow – especially during the Get Up.

Not good.

One of the instructors who worked for me back when I had my kettlebell studio, told me about a group of Marines she was training.

She kept correcting one during the Get Up who was bending his elbow (and wrist).

He paid her no attention.

That is until his triceps gave out and the KB came down on his face – breaking his jaw, and knocking out most of his teeth on the side the KB hit.


The “overgrip” will allow you to “steer” your strength more efficiently.

That means that you’ll be able to generate more force per rep – and direct that force into your exercise of choice –

Be it the Get Up, Press, Push Press or Jerk.

Point is – the “overgrip” or “Boxer’s Wrist” will protect your joints (and your face) as well as improve your performance.

And doing so will get you stronger, faster.

(It’s all about knowing the RIGHT work to do.)

Stay Strong.


PS – Apply the “overgrip” to your single KB work first to get a “handle” on it (Like that? Pun intended.)

Then apply it to your double KB work.

It’ll make a BIG difference.

If you want more “grip tips” as well as learn the shortcuts to getting stronger, then let’s meet up in person.

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