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Hey – just a quick THANK YOU for being a loyal reader
of my “Kettlebell Secrets” newsletter.

To show my appreciation, I’ve teamed up with some other
fitness/strength coaches to participate in a massive
muscle and fitness (not to be confused with “Muscle &
Fiction”) giveaway for you.

Even though we’re primarily kettlebell driven, these guys
have some great training ideas that are somewhat “out-of-
the-box”. And I think you’ll find them useful in your own

Until Midnight on Monday, September 3rd, you can go to
this webpage and grab some pretty cool swag.

(I even put together a new special report about building
muscle that you’ve never seen before.)

Anyway, there’s nothing to buy and no sales pitch or anything
like that. But of course, there’s a catch – it’s only available for
the next 72 hours – ’til the Labor Day Weekend is over.

Grab your free gifts here:

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


P.S. There’s some pretty interesting stuff here from some pretty
crazy characters. Make sure you check this stuff out – again, all

Just a way to say “thank you.” (There’s some pretty fascinating
nutrition and fat loss stuff here which you can definitely adapt to
your KB training.)

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