The #1 Danger Of KB Training…

… Nope – it’s not dropping the KB on your foot…

… Not using the “broken” or “soft” wrist position on
your grinds…

… And I’d put swinging or snatching with a rounded
lower back as a very close second – just a hair’s
breadth away from first place.

In fact, this “danger” is one you’d probably miss
if you weren’t paying attention –

It’s that insidious… Like the Dark Side of the Force…

(Cue heavy Darth Vader breathing.)

It’s lacking a singular focus, which results in suffering
from SOS -

“Shiny Object Syndrome.”

That’s where the shiny new KB workout looks too good
not to try out…


‘Scuse me… That was me vomiting in my mouth from typing
the one word that should absolutely be banned from
the English language –





It’s so… So…


No commitment = No results.

At least not the ones you want.

There are 2 symptoms of SOS –

1. Program “hopping” – jumping from program-to-program

You know – this week it’s “Simple and Sinister,” next week
it’s “Kettlebell Burn,” and the following week it’s the
“10,000 Swing Challenge.”

You know you’re in deep deep doo-doo with this one
when you can’t even make it through a week without thinking
about changing your program – uh – ahem – ‘scuse me –
workouts – cuz that’s how you refer to them.

The second one is even more sinister…

(Duhn, duhn, duhnnnnnn…!)

2. Mixing programs

Uh… I hate this one.

It’s happened to me so many times in the past when I
wasn’t 100% crystal clear on what exactly it was I was
trying – ‘scuse me – attempting to accomplish.

See, that’s why it’s so devilishly and diabolically

Because you actually have goals

You just don’t have them in a specific order.

You’re – and you probably wouldn’t admit this – I know
I didn’t when it was happening to me.

So you’ll mix and match programs like a toddler playing
with his Play-doh. Sounds like a good idea at the time
but you’re left with a multicolored gelatinous blob
instead of separate distinguishable colors.

The same thing holds true about your KB training –

You have no definitive and clear results.

Sure, you might’ve gotten a little better here and
there, but certainly nothing to justify the amount
of time you spent the last 4 to 6 weeks or more on.

So lemme he’p you out here.

Here’s where you need to start:


That’s right.

Get as strong as humanly possible.

Insanely strong.


Then focus on everything else.


Because until you have an appreciable level of strength
nothing else really matters.

Why not?

Because getting strong requires energy.

And that energy is stored in your love-handles, man-boobs,
saddlebags and thunder thighs.

(You’re welcome for those visuals…)

Lift heavy. Lift explosively. And watch what you put
in your mouth.

Not only will you get really, really, strong, the body
fat will “magically” start to disappear.

Heck, you’ll probably put some muscle on all the right
places without putting too much effort into it, simply
by balancing out your stress and anabolic hormones from
training and eating smart.

Then, when you’re strong enough, go on a serious fat loss

Then once you’ve leaned out, go back on a strength program
or even a muscle-building program.

Where do you finally focus in on your journey to the
magical place called “Achieve-my-goal-land?”

Right here, my clear-sighted friend:

Just like the name says, Get Kettlebell STRONG!

Oh yeah, and don’t be surprised if 3 short months from
now you start seeing what you’ve been wanting all along –


Talk soon.


P.S. If you struggled to make progress and see the results
you wanted this past year, don’t let 2014 end up the same
way –

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