The #1 Double Snatch Mistake And How To Fix It… [PIX]

People are always a little surprised that I don’t really teach
the double KB snatch.

Well… not really teach it.

I “cover” it.


Because the double KB snatch is really like the cherry – or
at better yet, the whipped cream on top of a sundae.

(Mmmmm… delicious whipped cream…)

I teach it as the end of a process.

See, apart from the Jerk, the double snatch seems to give
people the most problems – to cause them the most fear –
or at least hesitation.

That’s because most people approach the double snatch
all wrong.

They approach it as if it were a single KB snatch.


That’s right.

Before we get there, you might be wondering why in the
world you should spend your time even messing around
with the double KB snatch.

Good question.

One word:


The double KB snatch really lets you focus on your power

It helps you become more explosive, which is great if you’re
an athlete. It has carryover to you jumping higher, running
faster, hitting or throwing harder.

It’s also great if you’re trying to whittle away the pounds
around your waist.


Because more power output = more work performed.

And in terms of fat loss, more work performed = more
calories burned.

The question then isn’t “why would you do it?” rather it’s
“why would you NOT do it?”

Technique confusion, that’s why most people don’t do it.
That and fear. (Funny how confusion breeds fear…)

A single KB snatch lets you take a narrower stance and
really load up the hips – almost like a slingshot.

You can’t do that with a double snatch.

Why not?

Because your legs have to be wider and that decreases
the stroke – or length of the movement.

So your approach has to be different.

You must think of the double snatch as more like a vertical
jump – or better yet – it’s barbell cousin.

That means the trajectory is going to be a little bit different.

Here’s some pics – take a look at the knee angles…


In order to accomplish this, you must first make sure you
have your front squat down pat.


Because you’ll need more quad action in the double snatch
than you would / do / can get away with not having in the
single KB snatch.

So make sure you work your double KB front squat pretty

Also, many people lack the confidence to put two KBs
overhead simultaneously. It just scares them.

I can see why.

It’s a very powerful, explosive, aggressive, almost violent

If you don’t put your all into it, there’s a good chance that the
KBs won’t go up.

So how do you overcome that – build up your confidence?

Start with the double swing.

And go fairly heavy.

Get used to having heavy KBs in your hands.

Practice swinging them to hip height at first.

Then sternum height…

Then finally chest or shoulder height until they’re parallel to
the ground.

This really builds up the hip drive needed for the double snatch

Spend some time here. And don’t rush it.

Really get those suckers to float – to just hang in the air.

When you can do that routinely – get them to hang then
you’re ready for the next step.

What’s that?

I outline the 3-step Double Snatch Prep in “Kettlebell

Using the “sundae analogy,” think of the double swing
as the bowl.

The second exercise is the ice cream… delicious, velvety
smooth rich vanilla bean ice cream…

And the third is that creamy hot fudge topping drizzled
over the top.

Then, the double snatch, is, of course, the whipped cream.

Whipped cream in a bowl is pretty good – but it’s made SO
MUCH better when you have the whole sundae underneath it.

Get your delicious kettlebell sundae here – and learn how to
effortlessly double snatch.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you’ve had one too many sundaes recently, the double
KB snatch will help you control the damage.

Learn how here.

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