The #1 Key To LASTING Fat Loss

I was coming back from the park yesterday from my
quick 10 minute workout with this question on my mind:

Why is it that some people simply bounce around from
diet to diet, workout to workout, and never seem to see
the progress they want?

Excluding medical reasons like hormonal or metabolic
imbalances –

(Which you don’t have unless you’ve been tested, so
let’s just get that off the table right now, ok?)

And then it hit me:



Yeah, technology.

We live in an “instant” world.

Fast food.



Literally everything we do seems to be at the touch of a

And because our fat loss doesn’t seem to be at the touch
of a button, we simply give up.

That’s too bad because it shows a complete and utter
failure to understand the #1 Key To LASTING Fat Loss.

And until you understand this – really GET IT –

You’ll ALWAYS be on the weight loss rollercoaster.

So here it is – the #1 KEY To LASTING Fat Loss:

Understanding The Law of Sowing and Reaping.


Yeah, The Law of Sowing and Reaping.

It’s a universal law – like the Law of Inertia.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping simply states you’ll reap
you sow.

iPhones use it.

Fast food places use it.

The iterwebz uses it.

You push a button – a process occurs – and you get your
end result.

There is a PERIOD OF TIME in which that process occurs –

A period of TIME between the command and the delivery
of the result of the command.



Most people just won’t wait for the process to occur.

They don’t understand that they spent 20 years eating
like junk, so they’re bodies look like junk and perform
like junk.

They don’t see results “fast enough” so they hop from
program to program, diet to diet and never give their
body a chance to adapt.

Adaptation is that period of time where the change

In 9.999 times out of 10 it’s not an overnight process.

Fat loss doesn’t occur at the same speed your iPhone

This may seem like common sense.

But most people fail to realize this, which is why they fall
for the latest hypey thing after the next, like Dr Oz’s
“raspberry ketones” or some such nonsense.

Fat loss takes time.

It’s not an overnight event.

Sure, there are certain variables that can be and should
be manipulated:

  1. Eating

There are certain foods that promote fat gain and certain
foods that promote fat loss.

Broccoli v. Pop Tarts is a great example.

There are certain ways of eating that generally promote
fat loss and there are ways of eating that promote fat gain.

For example:

I recently read a program that used all the “science” to
promote a high carb diet for fat loss.

The problem was, the exercise prescription was 1 to
2 hours 4 to 5 days a week.

Do you have that much time to work out?

Then you’re just not committed he said tongue in cheek.

Higher carb diets tend to promote fat gain.

Tend to – there’s a manageable way to use carbs
but it takes a while for the body to adapt to doing
so and should only be used after a period of –

You guessed it – very low carbs.

Which is why according to the scientific literature, low
carb diets are still one of the best ways to lose fat in
the short run.

(The studies of short v. long term low carb v. high carb
show that in the short term – 6 months or less, low carb
diets outperform high carb for both weight AND fat loss.

Long term – about 12 months, they’re about even primarily
the researchers think, due to lack of compliance.)

  1. Workouts / Training

Unless you’re training for some very specific and technical
event – like MAYBE the SFG II, your programs need to
be shorter, rather than longer.


Because the science has PROVEN that for fat loss, shorter
workouts are BETTER than longer ones.

Yet, many, if not most people, are stuck in the longer –

Around an hour – kettlebell workout rut.

The faulty thinking is that if some is good, more is better.

Especially if you’ve screwed up on your “diet” and gained
a bunch of lost weight/fat back.

However, the shorter KB workouts allow you to:

– Exert more effort

– Produce more force per rep due to better fatigue

– Manage fatigue better

– Maintain your technique better

– Mentally focus

And of course, the best part, they don’t overstress your
body – which is already stressed enough from a 40-60
hour a week job, kids, mortgages, bills, etc.

However, the key point here to remember is that all
these workouts are –


Their effects add up over time.

See there – TIME.

The time between the “sowing” – doing the workout, and…

The “reaping” – seeing the results of the workouts –

Or better yet, the series of well-thought out workouts
formulated into a PROGRAM.

So lemme ask you a question:

When you reach your goals – that final number on the
scale OR –

Better yet –

What you see in the mirror…

Then what?

Are you going to quit doing what you did to get you
you here?

I hope not because –


That’s why people keep losing and gaining, losing and
gaining, losing and gaining…

They never create a series of new habits and they fall
back into their old ones…

And worse yet, keep falling for all of Dr Oz’s “raspberry
ketone” or “green coffee extract” nonsense.


Not this time.

You’re going forward.

You’re in this for life.

To do it though, you’re going to need the proper tools –

The proper resources.

You’re ahead of most because you have at least one
kettlebell, if not more.

Now all you need is a plan – something that shows you how
to not only strip off the body fat, but to keep it off until, well –

Until you decide to permanently retire, if you know what
I mean.

Here’s a resource I created for you just for that purpose:

200 Different Kettlebell Workout Programs.

You may or may not have between 50 and 100 of them

You can literally use these for the rest of your life if you
want to.

Why would you want to do that?

Because you understand how to use the Law of Sowing
and Reaping to your advantage with your KB workouts.

You understand that you’re in this for life.

You understand that you want to remain lean, strong, and
healthy and not end up having someone feed you and
change your diapers while you fling your own poop at
the charge nurse.

Get your kettlebell workouts for life here at a 75% discount.

Talk soon.


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Because I actually think it’s just too valuable to sell all at
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I think it might actually be better for YOU if I just released
one of these programs at a time.


Because sociologists say that most people – especially
this generation – think primarily only about the present –

And NOT the future.

Which I guess is why personal savings and retirement
investing is way down over the last 20 years.

Anyway, I’m betting you’re NOT one of those people.

I’m betting you’re one of those who plans for your future
and doesn’t only live for the “here and now.”

That’s why I put so many programs in one place – at
your fingertips – right HERE.

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