The #1 LAW Of ALL Kettlebell Training (And Workouts)

Hope you had a great weekend – we did – very warm and
sunny here in Colorado. Honestly, even though we’re a few
days away from the start of spring, it feels like it has officially
“sprung.” Hope things are warming up where you are too.

Speaking of spring…

About 5 years ago now I had what felt like a Spring – a period
of new life and new growth, after 5 long years of “winter.”

Ever been there? Or somewhere close?

I was beat up and broken and new I had to do something else –
something different from what I was doing at the time.

So I did the only thing that made any sense to me –

I did the opposite of everything I was doing at the time.

I was scared at first, because I wasn’t sure what I was doing
was going to work, but, I rationalized that pretty much anything
was better the the hamster wheel of suck I was currently running

Funny thing, “faith”…

It’s like that old, almost cliche saying, “When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

I learned about the #1 LAW of ALL kettlebell training -

In fact of ALL training, kettlebell or not –

It’s called –

The Law of Compensation.

It’s also known by other names –

The Law of Cause and Effect

And before you think you know “everything” about this Law,
hold your horses for a second because I want to ask you a
question –

Do you know what the 3 parts are to this Law?

It’s ok, most people don’t.

Knowing them and wrapping your mind around them – truly
UNDERSTANDING them – is the KEY to getting both short
AND long term results from your kettlebell workouts.

So ignore them at your own peril…

Part 1: Law of Sowing and Reaping

I’ve written many times about this before.

It’s simply this –

    What you “sow,” you’ll “reap.”

For example, if you don’t work out, and just sit around all
the time, don’t be surprised if you get stiff and sore, with
chronic aches and pains, and lose the ability to do the things
you used to do as a kid – effortlessly move around without
thinking a thing about it.

That’s because of very real and documented process that
occurs in your brain called, “neuronal pruning.”

You might have heard it called, “use it or lose it.”

That’s exactly what happens too –

Your brain cuts nerve pathways that aren’t routinely used.

Same thing with eating –

If you constantly eat more food than your body needs, there’s
no mystery, despite what Dr. Oz tells you, that you’re overweight.

Which brings us to the second corollary – which shocks most
people when they find out –

Part 2: The Law of Increasing Returns

Not only will you reap what you sow, you’ll reap more
than you sow.


You don’t just reap stiffness and soreness from not swinging
your kettlebell – you’ll reap a bunch of internal issues that you
can’t see. Severe health issues like heart disease, diabetes,
Alzheimer’s and dementia. You know, the “fun” stuff.

On the flip side, simply by doing your kettlebell workouts 3
days a week, you’ll be rewarded with newfound stamina, resilience,
and as long as you don’t pig out, a leaner, stronger body
(assuming of course you’re on the right program – one that’s
not hurting you).

It’s like the “magic” of compounding interest – the way the
“big boys” make, save, and keep money. The more you DO,
the more you GET.

Think of it as a snowball rolling downhill.

As it gathers speed, it gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger…

You first have to make and roll the snowball….

Which brings us to –

Part 3: Law of Delayed Gratification

(Also known as the Law of the Harvest.)

This is the one we don’t like – and for many of us – refuse to

This of course we’ll be “punished” by violating the law.

It’s this –

Not only will you reap more than you sow, there is a waiting
period between the sowing and the reaping.

Because of the technological age in which we live, we are
accustomed to getting everything at the push of a button – email,
websites, apps, pretty much everything.

And because of things like fast food, we get frustrated if we
have to wait more than 5 minutes for anything.

(“Ugh, this line is soooo longggg…”)

This explains why you don’t see IMMEDIATE result from
your kettlebell workouts.

There is TIME between doing the workouts and seeing your

Now – here’s the MOST IMPORTANT PART of this whole
“Law Thing” 

    Each of these laws can work in opposition to each other in
your life.

Here’s a quick explanation:

Part 2 and Part 3 can work against each other.

Here’s Part 2: If you’ve been sedentary or slacking off on your
kettlebell workouts for awhile, all that goofing off will show
up in stiff joints, huffing and puffing, and some extra body fat.

And here’s Part 3: So it will spread out the duration between
the time you get started and the time you see the results you
want. Sure, you’ll see some results along the way, but they
won’t be like some scammy “Hollywood Workout” program.

Make sense?

So you can see, there’s no way to get around it –

You’re going to see some kind of results – whether you do
your kettlebell workouts or not.

The more committed you are, the better probability your
results will be.

I say “better probability” because it assumes that you’re doing
the right kettlebell workout for you body at the right time –

That you’re in the right season and doing the proper things in
those seasons.

Say what?

Like I said earlier, Spring is almost here where I live.

However, if you’re in agriculture, you don’t plant seed in
the spring. You do it in the fall. Spring is the time when all
the seed you planted is starting to grow.

See what I mean?

Same thing with your kettlebell workouts.

You don’t want to be doing a fat loss workout if you’ve got
aches and pains.

And you don’t want to be stuck on a strength program if you’re
30 pounds overweight.

There’s a time and a way to structure your workouts for optimal

Here’s how you do it.

And just like every other “natural law” – violate this and you’ll
pay some price or another.

Talk soon.


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