The #1 Reason You’re Not Seeing The Results You Desire

If you’ve been swinging your KB for some time now and are
wondering why you haven’t see the results you’re looking for,
there’s a pretty good reason.

It’s quite simple.

You’re training incorrectly.

You’re using the wrong set and rep schemes.

You’re using the wrong muscle fibers.

You may be burning calories during your workout, but you’re
not fundamentally changing the physiology of your body.

Heavy (for you) lifting does that.

That fact of the matter is this:

You need to be STRONGER.

When you’re stronger, you can DO MORE WORK.

And doing MORE WORK is the key for losing fat AND
getting stronger, AND increasing your conditioning levels.

Here’s how you get stronger using kettlebells.

Talk soon.


P.S. I am willing to concede the outside possibility that
the #1 reason you’re not seeing results could also be –

– You’re not working out


– You’re stuffing your face with food instead of
eating sensibly

Either way – getting stronger will –

a) Give you another focus besides fat loss to train for
and better yet, possibly enjoy

and –

b) Help change the physiology of your body – lifting
to get stronger helps your body burn more fat without

Learn how to lift your kettlebells to get stronger here.

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