The #1 Way To Avoid KB Injuries

I don’t like talking about injuries.

It’s not like I’m afraid of jinxing myself or you
by talking about them or anything like that.
I just like focusing on the positive that’s

Unfortunately, you can focus on the positive
all you want and still get the opposite results
of what you’re looking for.

That’s called a “process error.”

And many of us have “process errors” in our
kettlebell training.


Our weak areas.

You know, the ones we don’t want to admit

The ones that will lead to injuries if left
unchecked and unfixed.

So here’s how you keep those injuries from

Admit you have weaknesses – weak areas –
and DEAL with them.

Sure, Get Ups and Swings cover A LOT of
ground. You go far in your KB journey doing
just these two as the basics.

And tossing in the other 4 basic KB exercises
is great too.

Until they’re not.

Sometimes they can only take you so far.

For example:

If you don’t take care of your tight shoulders,
you could end up tweaking your elbow while
snatching, regardless of how many Get Ups
you’re doing.

(It’s amazing how many people do Get Ups
incorrectly. Yes, I realize that at the end of the
day the point is to actually Get Up, but you’d
be surprised the difference between what people
think they’re doing with their shoulders and what
they’re ACTUALLY doing with them.)

(You may have to do some Arm Bars or something
even more specific.)

And if you don’t actually train your abs directly
you could be setting yourself up for a hip injury,
regardless of how many Goblet Squats you’re

(Been there, done that. Twice.)

So the bottom line here is to be PROACTIVE.

Don’t believe me?

I got an email the other day from Mike who
was running through “Kettlebell Muscle” for the
second time against his better judgment.

His intuition told him that he shouldn’t be doing
it because he had some issues that he knew
he should take care of.

But he pushed through anyway and hurt his
back on the Front Squats because he wasn’t
able to maintain his form.

(I’m not judging him in any way cause I’ve done
that sort of thing in the past many times.)

His back locked up and he wanted to know if
the Inner Circle was for him.

Now you might be thinking that I told him it
absolutely was.


Told him to go see his doctor and get his back
checked out.

Then once his doc had given him the OK, then
he should start.

Don’t let this sort of thing happen to you.

This may sound like “fear mongering” but it’s

It’s just a harsh dose of reality.

Most of like doing what we like doing and we’ll
pound our bodies to conform to our mind’s will.

Until our bodies rebel.

I’m telling you to learn from Mike and I – don’t
let it get to that point.

Recovering from injuries is NOT fun.

It requires A TON of mental and emotional energy
that could and should be spent doing the stuff you
want and like to do.

If you’re intuition is telling you that you need
to address some of your issues, check out the
Inner Circle.

We kick it off by addressing the most common
issues faced by 95% of the population – slumped
shoulders, tight hips, weak abs, and a stiff back.

These are your “process errors.”

Fix them today.

Talk soon.


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