The 2 Most Powerful “Original Strength” Resets (INSIDE)

I got an email yesterday from a guy who tried to rip me
a new one based on my email that I sent out.

To be honest, it was pretty shocking, because, I would
never write something like that to someone. So in
return, I would never expect to read something like

I do the best I can to live by that whole Golden Rule
thing… You know, “do unto others as you would have
them do unto you.”

Anyway email being what it is – it’s easy to be “brave” in
an online.

Among other things this is what this gentleman accused
me of –

“I’ll tell you what I’m tired of:
I’m tired of you promising miracles via secret mystical
techniques… If its really that amazing, why not tell
everyone? Straight up.

There are no secrets in the world of human movement.

If you aren’t a charlatan, you’re sure acting like one,
which is just as despicable in my book…

You ought to put this “revolutionary” information for
free on the front page of your website. The fact that
you won’t is proof that your main concern is not helping
others, but padding your bank account with multiple revenue
streams of questionable merit.

Commoditizing simple warmup drills that can truly benefit
everyone is selfish and callow…

I’m hoping that one day you will actually be honest and
upright and no longer selling snake oil.”

Ok, those are the “highlights.” I excerpted these, the
“best” bits in chronological order.

Normally I put these types of emails where they belong –
in the trash folder. But in his case I actually took
some time to respond – to show him the fallacy of his
logic. After all, he makes money operating a CrossFit
box and doesn’t train people for free… (He’s so selfish
and callow!)

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what all this has to
do with you.

Since there are “no secrets in the world of human movement” –
which, I hope you agree, is a very definitive and almost
god-like statement – I thought I’d share this text with
you that I got the other night from a friend of mine, Joe

Joe owns and operates Optimum Performance Training Institute
in Columbia, Maryland. He’s an SFG 2, a USA Weightlifting Senior
Coach, and he trains everybody from pro athletes (lots of
them apparently) to grandmas. And he’s no newbie either.
He’s been doing this for a long time – 17 years.

Here’s the text:

(I’d actually take a picture of it on my iPhone for you
as proof but the conversation is too long. And I’ve excerpted
some things Joe asked me to to protect the “guilty.” ;-] )

“I have this giant “tight” athlete that’s all high threshold,
feed forward prime mover protective mechanism stabilization
strategy… His nickname is _____________________.

Has had a lot of difficulty getting overhead mobility,
shoulder girdle function. Lots of left shoulder problems
history. Training him for 6 months using standard mobility,
reflex stability, patterning methods ______. Have had
success but not able to get exactly what I want.

Last two weeks I took him off all classic mobility and did
just OS as movement prep and he has taken off.

Today he couldn’t believe he could do overhead lockouts
and drop fast and coordinated under barbell snatches.
Shoulder pain finally gone and scap/humeral rhythm is
finally getting where I want it to be.

6 months ok results. 2 weeks just OS and quadruple the
results. Stuff I couldn’t get in 6 months I got in two

The other athletes were cheering him on cause he could
finally lift like them and he was trying so hard not
to smile and act like everything was normal, play it cool,
but he couldn’t hold back his happiness that he could lift
like the others. He even out lifted another athlete he
never has out lifted! It was awesome!”

So… wait a minute – this guy – Joe – trains pro athletes
and has been in the business for 17 years and is amazed
that in 2 weeks of doing pure OS work and removing ALL
traditional mobility work he’s getting more results then
6 months of standard movement prep and mobility work…

You know, “the stretch this, mobilize and activate that”

Which can only mean that –

1) That this isn’t “snake oil”


2) There actually might be some “secrets in the world
of human movement.”


3) Joe is an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s doing.
I’d be willing to entertain that option if it weren’t
for the fact that –

a) Joe’s background is in martial arts (black belt)
b) he owns his own business
c) he’s interned with some very high-end “application
only” private sports training groups
d) Joe is a highly regarded trainer and teacher in the

Which brings me to another text conversation I had with
Joe – and the part you’re probably really interested in.

Here’s an observation Joe made -

“Also I notice people need to stop compensating and break
the feed forward high threshold cycle to really get the
system to start resetting, which comes from breathing and
head nodding a lot first and an understanding of what the
point is.”

You catch that?

He said the two most powerful resets that he’s noticing
with all his people are -

1) breathing


2) head (neck) nods.

Will these resets work for you?


(You’ll just have to discover the positions that have the largest
impact for you.)

How did Joe discover them?

He spent his hard earned money and even more valuable –
his “free” time and came to our workshop that we held
in Alexandria, VA.

Why’d he do this?

Because he wanted to learn.

He wanted to get better personally.

And he wanted to get better professionally.


Why didn’t he just use the material in the book?

He did.

And that’s what got him to the workshop.

Because although the resets in the book work for everyone,
we have found they can be broken down into “regressions” –
which are pieces of the resets that fill in the gaps.

And these are what Joe has learned, played with, and
used with his athletes and clients.

This is what has allowed him to see “quadruple” the
results in only 2 weeks when compared to the other
system he was using.

Now let me ask you two questions:

1) If Joe, a seasoned coach and movement professional
can learn something new, apply it, and see results like
this, then it can’t just be “snake oil” can it? (Unless
I’ve done a REALLY good job at brainwashing him… LOL)

2) Would you like to experience results like this or
would you rather keep going down the frustrating path of
warming this, correcting that?

Your choice.

Here’s where you get off the merry-go-round.

Talk soon.


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