The #2 To Hurt Your Back With KBs (Not What You Think)

Everyone knows that the #1 way is to Swing with
a rounded back on the backswing.


But the #2 way is much more subtle, devious, and
harder to catch – especially when training on your

I know what you’re thinking – it’s rounding your
lower back when picking up or putting down your



(That’s #3 in my book.)

Here it is – it’s leaning back at the top of
the Swing.

You’ve seen it and probably done it.

Right at the top you lean back ever so slightly
at the top.

Doesn’t seem like much, but it compresses your
spine and can pinch off your facet joints.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

It’s so subtle, but like most technical mistakes
it can add up after awhile and then you’ve gotta
go back and re-groove your entire Swing, which is
a giant massive pain in the derriere.

Here’s how you fix it and protect your back at
the same time:

1. Stretch your hip flexors
2. Do more concentrated and focused abdominal

Planks are okay… but there are better exercises
imho –

Like the Russian Ballet Leg Thrust sequence.

(Yeah, I know guys, not very manly sounding
but it will pummel your abs like a boxer in
the first round of a title fight.)

You can and should check it out here.

You, like me, will be shocked at how weak you
let your abs get when you go through this

So do this – try any piece of the sequence, then
grab a light to medium KB, and do 10 Swings.

See if you don’t immediately feel more powerful
and feel your abs work more.

Not only that you should notice that you’ve
stopped leaning back at the top of your Swings.
(You’ll probably need to video yourself.)

So give the Russian Ballet Leg Thrust a thorough
review and pleasantly surprise yourself with
your newfound ab soreness tomorrow. :-)

Talk soon.


P.S. The Russian Ballet Leg Thrust combined with
hip flexor stretching is great for ladies because
it helps get rid of that “pooch” below your belly-

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