The 20-Minute Hybrid Strength/Fat Loss Kettlebell Workout

Hey – I just checked in to my hotel in Singapore and I wanted to get this out to you before going to bed. (It’s almost 2am.)

Yesterday (Tuesday – it’s Thursday here already) – I had to get up at 0-dark-30 yesterday to catch my flight to Singapore.

Despite having a relatively long list to get done before I left, I was still able to get my workout done in approximately 20 minutes, while cooking my eggs.

You may find this hard to believe, especially if you’ve been brainwashed by the traditional fitness media (gym hearsay, fitness tabloids, and late night fat loss infomercials) but –

You can get a heckuva “killer” workout done with your kettlebells in only 20 minutes – and only 3 times per week.

Perfect for the busy man or woman.

Best part is, if you program it correctly, you can hit every muscle in your body and simultaneously get stronger while losing fat –

The virtual Holy Grail of working out.

What do you use?

I’ll let John Grahill, one of my good customers tell you:

Take a closer look at what John said –

+ The meat of the workout is usually done in 20 minutes
+ He doesn’t feel like doing anything on his “off” days
+ He gets his “cardio” in – “cutting rest periods with the C&P gets my heart rate quite high…”
+ For guys who want to build muscle – “I get a good “pump”
+ He can recover between workouts <=== SUPER IMPORTANT
+ He can easily track progress (i.e. RESULTS)

John then goes on to say –

“Just sticking with this one exercise three days a week, I have dropped fat, and lowered my resting pulse to 45bpm in the morning.”


So from one exercise – the double kettlebell Clean + Press – following the “STRONG!” program, John has:

+ Gotten stronger…
+ Dropped fat…
+ Improved his conditioning levels…
+ And improved his heart health.

Let me ask you this –

What more could you want from a kettlebell program?

If you want to stop treading water and start seeing results from a simple, minimalist, time-efficient program, use the “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Think the “STRONG!” program is “just” for kettlebells? Think again.

Tomorrow I’ll share an email I got from one of my friends and colleagues who used the “STRONG!” program for something other than kettlebells.

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