“The 24 Hour Diet” – NEW BONUS With “More Kettlebell Muscle!”

If you’ve ever struggled on to lose weight on traditional
diets – “The 24 Hour Diet” is for you.


(Yours FREE when you grab “More Kettlebell Muscle

Here’s what this is:

– A simple, step-by-step DAILY blueprint that takes the
thought process and stress out of dieting, while making
sure you don’t go or get hungry. (It uses a few special
ingredients that help balance your hormones

– An easy-to-follow plan that requires very little planning
or preparation – that easily falls into your morning rituals.

– A time-efficient and MANAGEABLE approach to “dieting”
that literally allows dieting to turn into your lifestyle.

– A stress-reducing enjoyable approach to losing fat with
very little effort on your part. Follow the blueprint and
watch your results “just happen.”

Here’s what “The 24 Hour Diet” does for you:

– Balances your hormones by using one simple (and cheap!)
cooking product made up of 3 special amino acids that
decrease chronic (silent) inflammation – a leading cause in
stubborn fat-

– And slows the aging process (one of the reasons you gain
fat) –

– And restores thyroid function – the “Master Gland” that
produces the key hormones that control your metabolism –
or how many calories you burn (or don’t) per day…

– Speeds up your metabolism through the use of a common
part of most people’s breakfast routine along with a little
twist – the use of this tropical “oil”…

– Keeps hunger at bay with the right balance and amount
of macronutrients, while keeping you in the “fat burning
zone” all day long…

– Eliminates the mental fog that goes along with dieting and
the blood sugar crashes associated with low calorie diets by
providing your body with a steady source of slow burning
calories that actually increase your metabolism…

– Improves your long term health, including decreasing
your risk of diabetes type 2, heart disease, heart attack,
and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease – among other

– Turns “dieting” into a manageable, enjoyable, “set-it-
and-forget-it” lifestyle…

Here’s how you get it:

I’m going to give you “The 24 Hour Diet” today when you
grab your copy of my new time-efficient rapid fat loss
compendium, “More Kettlebell Muscle.

I’m not making this available with any other product.

So, if you’re using kettlebells to lose fat, and have ever
struggled to get rid of that ugly stuff hanging over your
pants or down the back of your legs, then this is for you.

Get a copy of “The 24 Hour Diet” today.

Will “The 24 Hour Diet” Work For You?

Well it works for me – keeping me around 8-10% body
fat at approximately 200 pounds year round. (Can see
my absz’z.)

I like things simple and have no time for complicated.

If that describes you, then this will DEFINITELY work for
you too (Especially if you like coffee or cheese – don’t
worry – you’ll see…).

If you like things complicated and complex, then “The
24 Hour Diet” is DEFINITELY NOT for you.

Get “More Kettlebell Muscle” and “The 24 Hour Diet”

You’re really going to love the simplicity of this thing.

Talk soon.


P.S. You can only get “The 24 Hour Diet” with “More
Kettlebell Muscle” during my special “Moving Celebration
Sale” which ends tomorrow at Midnight EST
. After that,
it will no longer be available.

http://kettlebellsecrets.com/invite/mkm.html= Simple.

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