The 3 ABC’s To WIN Your War On Fat Loss…

If you’ve ever been frustrated with your inability to get
that extra weight off and keep it off, then you’ll want to
make sure you not only read this email, but the next
2 days as well.

For some reason, no matter how hard people try, they
end up failing in the long run with regards to this whole
fat loss thing.

The long run… Something none of us ever think about –
or very few of us. Especially now when our culture is so
absorbed in the “now.”

So I wanted to do a quick series to help you out.

It’s based on some stuff I’ve been thinking a lot about lately,
not necessarily about fat loss, but life in general.

Losing fat is just part of life and these “ABC’s” are part of
life – we’re just going to apply them to this whole fat loss

A – Admission

We can look at this in two ways:

1. A form of confession of responsibility

2. A price to be paid

Let’s break it down:

1. A form of confession of responsibility.

“What? Responsibility? Who’s?


This is certainly not popular today, but it’s necessary for us,
for you, to ever break free from any sort of chain – to move
forward to getting the life we want – you want.

Getting free from the unwanted baggage…

All you have to do is admit to yourself that you and you
alone are solely responsible for the state in which you
now find yourself

No more playing the “blame game.”

Forget emotional eating.

You don’t hurt the other person and you don’t feel better
when you’re done – you feel worse – and it only perpetuates
a negative situation.

Be done with that.

Transfer that negative energy to something positive –
like working out.

You’re smarter than that – you’re better than that.

And you don’t need other people controlling you.

When you admit to yourself that you alone are responsible
for being overweight, you set yourself free from your

And you empower yourself to change because you are
no longer under anyone else’s control.

Only your own.

And controlling your life puts you on track for success.

2. A price to be paid.

“Ugh… You mean there’s a cost to finally losing fat?


Just like there’s a cost for all your favorite foods, there’s
going to be some form of cost with getting free from
that body fat.

You’ll have to say “no” to the things that put you in that
situation in the first place: Late night alcohol binges,
the drive through, that sort of thing.

You’ll have to say “yes” to new behaviors, which will cost
you some energy at first, until they become habit, that
are necessary for change.

(Change is good, remember?)

The key point here is that you’re already paying a price
and it’s tearing you up inside:

Convenience on one hand and frustration on the

You’re going to have to sacrifice the convenient – if we
define it as – “What you currently know” – to get rid of the
frustration associated with your current status.

So, that’s the first step – Admission.

It’s essentially wrestling back control of your life from
your current circumstances and not being wiling to let your
circumstances dictate or control the outcome of your
life any longer.

Back tomorrow.


P.S. You may be wondering where your KB workouts fit
in this whole process.

They’re in there, but honestly, they’re the LEAST important
part of the process. But they are a PART of the process.

If you want to live a lean, healthy life, strength training,
particularly with KBs, will always be part of that process.

If you’re looking for a sane, stress-free way to get your KB
workouts consistently in, then this might be for you

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