The 3 Cs Of “Cattle-Ball” Training…

Happy Friday to you!

It’s amazing how popular these new “Cattle-balls”
are – there in all the regular stores now like the
“Big W” and that fancy French store – Tar-jey…

Funny, because they’re perceived as “magic” –
but they’re not – at least not while they sit in
the box or on your basement floor.

Here’s what I mean…

I got a series of emails the other day from a customer
of mine – Dj – and I wanted to share them with you
because I thought they’d be helpful.

I was particularly struck with this comment of his –

“I will admit I was a bit taken back by the end
results, I certainly wasn’t expecting them to be
as significant as they were.”

Personally, I don’t think he should’ve been


Because he used the 3 C’s –

1. Clarity
2. Commitment
3. Consistency

When you are clear – crystal clear on what you
want to accomplish – virtually anything is possible.

Clarity is the distinctness with which you see
your vision.

Wanna get strong?

You won’t.

Want to press the Beast and feel like Superman
by September 1st?

Now you’re getting somewhere.

Wanna lose some weight?

Not gonna happen.

Want to drop 20lbs in the next 4 months and
make your ex- jealous?

Now you’re onto something.


Do whatever it takes.

Regardless of the cost or inconvenience.

Without it, you’ll flounder, flail, flop, and
ultimately fail.

And Commitment comes from having that


Emerson wrote – “Do the thing, have the power.”

It’s no use have crystal clear vision, and dogged
determination if you’re not actually going to do

You must DO the thing – you must DO your

Repeatedly. Routinely. Regularly.
Focus on these 3 C’s and you, like Dj, will be “taken
aback” by your results.

And what were Dj’s results?

He lost 25lbs – from 185 to 160 and lost 4 inches
from his waist – 36 to 32 while using “Kettlebell Burn.”

Why can’t you can do the same?

Have a great weekend.


P.S. Make sure you do something fun this
weekend but also something that’s consistent
with your goals!

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