The #3 Problem With KB Workouts…

August was a VERY busy month. I was traveling almost non-stop
and ended up on 3 different continents and 6 different time

And although the first week back home I was pretty pretty
tired, I was absolutely thrilled with how the month turned

Better than I’d imagined – and I imagined it pretty well.

There was a reason for this.

I/we had planned the trips in advance. WAY in advance.

And that’s the #3 problem with KB workouts:
There’s no thought given to long-term planning.

I’m not talking about 6 weeks from now. Or even 12 weeks from

I’m talking about 6 or 12 months from now.

Is your KB the latest greatest fad, gimmick, or trend to you
or is it something you’ve invested in?

No condemnation here – but you better figure this out pretty
quickly otherwise you may find yourself buying something
off late-night TV before you know it.

Worse yet 6 months or a year from now you’ll be no better off
than you are today – probably worse –

Drifting aimlessly from fad to gimmick to disappointment to

If that’s not you, and you’ve already committed to using your
KB to accomplish your physical goals, do you have a long-term

Or are you just winging it?

And if you’re winging it, how’s that working out for ya?

Look, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE needs some guidance,
especially if programming is not your area of expertise.

Shoot, even I have a coach who writes programs for me based on
my long term goals.

That’s why I suggest you:

1) Get focused about what it is you really want to accomplish
and quit bouncing around.

Pick one goal and chase it with determination and perseverance
until you achieve it.

2) Build your strength foundation.

Start with single KBs then move to double KBs.

3) Then follow a long-term plan – one that can even be recycled.

That long-term plan is “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll learn:

– proper double KB techniques for the major double KB exercises
– common double KB mistakes and how to fix them

And you’ll receive:

– 2 different programs – one for strength and one for conditioning
that can be used repeatedly until you’ve achieved your goal

Finally –

You’ll have a program you can stick with that will help you stay
focused, stay on task, and get you the results you’ve been looking
for but haven’t yet accomplished.

Don’t take my word for it – check out what Stuart Elliot said
about it:

“I’ve followed Strong and Strong+One for almost year now and
love it. My strength and power has really increased (i’m 38),
my core feels like iron when I tense and my grip has never felt
stronger. I play cricket which is loosely like baseball, and
this programme really hits the sweetspot for me, my hitting and
throwing powers has improved, I’m quicker across the ground
(more power in the glutes) and have noticed I can leap higher
with more hangtime for catching. I’ve put on some muscle too!”

Talk soon.


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