The ALL-TIME #1 KB Workout Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in the past has
been biting off more than I can chew – especially with
my workouts.

Life will be hectic and I’ll choose to do something…


Like the time I tried to reload one of the programs I did
when I was 23… at age 40… on 5 hours of sleep per
night… to prove I could handle it… (I couldn’t.)


This is an example of the #1 ALL-TIME KB workout

Not aligning your “wants” with your “haves.”

In other words: 

Failure To Count The Cost.

Lemme explain.

Let’s use fat loss – rapid fat loss – as an example, because
twice a year, people get bitten by the “lose weight quickly”
bug (January and April).

Rapid fat loss is complicated.

Lots of moving parts.

Lots of preparation: Food, grocery shopping, recovery,
multiple daily workouts (in some cases), etc…

Yet most people jump right into this type of programming
never once thinking about the changes they have to make
to their current lifestyle.

No more staying up late watching TV. Sleep instead.

No more “working out” – rather, structured training.

No more “good enough” when eating – structured eating
to support your lifestyle.

Magic never just “happens.”

It’s always carefully and thoughtfully planned.

And then ruthlessly executed.

And most people rarely plan these days and barely
execute as and when necessary.

And so, their results are average at best and abysmal
failures at worst.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are.

This applies to everyone.

If you’re results aren’t lining up with your goals…

Here’s How You Fix This

1. Decide what your goal really is.

Pretty straight forward.

Most people fall into: Get strong, get lean, and be and feel

Just be honest with yourself – don’t fool yourself.

2. Decide what you’re actually willing to do to meet this

Will you get up early and work out every morning?

Do you have 6 days a week to train?

If you don’t, better not get on a program that requires it.

Afraid of carbs?

Then don’t go on a program that requires you eat carbs.

Need a pair of KBs but only have one? Be sure you can get
another one.

3. Do the thing and keep doing it until you achieve your

Pretty self-explanatory.

Many people however, don’t get this.

They quit or give up because they “don’t feel” like it’s

Emerson said:

“Do the thing, have the power.”


Which brings me to the final point –

4. Make sure you have a method of measuring progress

Back to the whole “feelings” thing.

If you always did what you felt like, chances are you wouldn’t
have a job, and to quote Chris Farley, you’d be living in a van
down by the river.

Feelings are nice, but they can also destroy your life
if left unchecked.

Therefore, make sure you are routinely measuring your
progress so you can look at the FACTS, which many times
will contradict your feelings.

At the end of the day, you have to be honest with yourself,
your circumstances, and your resources.

If the three of them fail to line up, then you’re going to have
a hard time achieving your goals.

Take some time this weekend – just a quick 30 minutes or
so and see if you’re really on the right track of if you’re
unwittingly planning for failure.

Talk soon.


P.S. Memorial Day is around the corner which means the
“Big Reveal” at the beach or pool.

If you want to be confident with your shirt off or in a bikini,
and you have the time, energy, and resources at your
disposal, check out my all-time favorite rapid fat loss program

The best results so far that I’ve seen is 36 pounds in 28

You’re probably not going to lose that much, but man, what
if you could lose half that?

I’m betting that’d make you feel pretty happy. :-)

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