The Best Exercise To Fix Your Press?

That was a question I was recently asked in an interview.

More specifically, it was which Original Strength reset is
best for [fixing] the KB Press?

Here was my answer:
“That actually depends on the individual. Many people have
great success with the neck nods since they impact the nerves
that innervate the shoulders and arms.
Others have success with rolling because it ties the opposite
limbs together and allows them to stay tight in the middle
while pressing.
And others find rocking to be helpful because it resets the
lumbar curve and allows the inner unit to fire properly, especially
the pelvic floor. It also re-educates the rotator cuffs, which are
limiting factors for many people with the press, aids in
re-establishing proper scapular mechanics, and it too also
ties the lower and upper bodies together.
Not to mention crawling. So there really isn’t just one reset -
it depends on where your weakness is. And since there are
only 5 resets, it doesn’t take very long to figure out.”
Truth be told, it could be more than that too – since we were
really just talking about the book in the interview.

Many people are just so jacked up from sitting at a desk
looking at a computer screen for 8 to 10 hours that sometimes
you need to go a little deeper –
You need to use the regressions for the resets.

Regressions are basically lower levels of the resets.

How do you know which regression works best for you?

You test it.

It takes a whopping 10-20 seconds.

We’ll show you EXACTLY how which regressions work best
for your press – and any other exercise you may be having
problems with –

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